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Jaitley Sir Bas Karo

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jaitleyI am ever amused by Mr. Arun Jaitley, the over talkative lawyer and Senior Minister in current Govt. He has an opinion on everyone and everything. The only one he has no opinion is himself, his own deeds and his own party.

His recent blog touched upon how vandalism is not for civil society and there is no place for such acts blah…blah. He was undoubtedly referring to acts of aggression by Shiv Sena in Mumbai recently. Correct as he was, he forgot to introspect himself. Below are few incidents about which he continently chose to keep quite.

1. BJP MLA’s bashing up an independent MLA in J&K assembly: “BJP has never resorted to acts of such vandalism”, he proclaimed in his blog. At the same time his party MLA’s were bashing up an independent MLA inside J&K assembly. What a joke, his statement. He seems to have partial amnesia regarding this. Mr Jaitely bas karo please. Bahut Mama Bana chuke. (Mr Jaitely please stop. You have fooled us already).

2. His friend Srinivasan’s thuggery in BCCI: All through the Srini saga, Mr Jaitley who was the VP of BCCI and chief of Delhi Cricket Association, kept mum. It is very well known that Srini is his best of pals. It was due to Jaitley’s blessings that Srini kept blemishing the game of cricket. It is due to his blessing that Srini is heading ICC. Had Jaitley wanted, Srini would have been out of BCCI long back and out of ICC right away. But Jaitley Sir, why would you speak on this. App hosiyaar, hum sab paagal (You are smart, we all are idiots).

3. Babri Demolition: When taking the high moral ground about vandalism, that his party never resorts to such practices, he forgets that his party’s resurgence is rooted in Babri demolition. He is reaping the rewards of on one of the topmost vandalism unleashed on this country ever. It not only paved way to Mumbai blasts, Mumbai riots, Godhra riots but a generation of deep rooted hatred and animosity between communities.

These are just from top of my mind. There are multiple issues on which he plays amnesia. It’s high time Sir, wake up and smell the air. Your arrogance and smugness hurt your party more than you realize.

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October 20, 2015 at 4:08 pm

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  1. 🙂 great observation.


    October 20, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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