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Being Civil

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civilityHave you ever thought what ‘Being Civil’ really means? Is it confined to eating with forks, talking politely, not break societal rules? Well for me being civil is curbing your true instinct.

Humans house a pre-historic brain. Our subconscious has been developed over thousands of centuries. In effect our brain hosts instincts that are pre-historic, from an uncivilized era. So when we behave as per the rules of civil, we are not letting our instincts act freely. We are taming them into something artificial. Some might call this act as ‘Being Civil’. I call it plain stupidity. Intolerance, for lack of a better word, against our instincts. Who knows I must just return an award against this intolerance. Just kidding!

What civility does is to stop you from beating up a man who misbehaves with your lady. What civility does is to stop you from throwing someone over the cliff when you should have but you let him live and sin some more. What civility does is to say ‘Please’ to someone evil who comes to your door, rather than release the hounds on him. What civility does is to make you feel castrated when it comes to act. Sometimes I wonder how ‘Being uncivil’ would be.

Chaos or Order; Noise or Peace. Sanity or Insane; Feeble or Brave. We cannot be sure enough and can just imagine. But what I know for sure is it would be a far more exciting time. We won’t be curbing our instincts after all.

Written by arpitgarg

November 3, 2015 at 4:51 am

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