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Siddharth Dhar proves why Terrorist Sympathizers in India should be put behind bars

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imageWe have seen a lot of people in India who come across as Terrorist sympathizers. They find reasons to justify jihadi terrorism. They come on TV and deny to condemn Terrorists. They are regarded as intellectuals by their like. Siddharth Dhar aka ‘Jihadi John 2’ was one such British citizen.

He is a classic example of terrorism apologists. Many a times he justified terrorism as revenge attacks by the oppressed. He openly wrote and participated in TV debates. Just like our own shameless media, British media too gave him audience. Many admired him as a balanced intellectual.

Look what happened. This Islam convert has become Jihadi John 2. Given an opportunity all these Terrorism apologists will not blink an eye before killing alongside Terrorists.

I urge people to shame such people openly and strip them off their moral high ground. I urge media to have some shame and not provide such people an audience. I urge Govt to put any such people behind bars. Stemming the spread of propaganda is a potent way to nip terrorism in its bud.

Written by arpitgarg

January 6, 2016 at 11:32 am

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