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What if Trump behaved civil?

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trump.jpgMillionaire media pundits have been going crazy all through the primaries. They wanted/predicted Trump’s downfall but it hasn’t happened till now. They called Trump names. “He is foul mouth. Not very Presidential.” Huffington post ran every article related to Trump with disclaimer that he is a sexist, xenophobic and what not.

Not just media, Democrats hailed their candidates as being civil. Democrat candidates also hailed themselves as being so nice as against the filthy mouth Trump. All those who want Trump to be civil. Let me tell you what would have happened. And why his bad mouth is working.

First of all, if Trump would have been all Mr. Goody, he would not have stood out of the 17 Republican candidates. Mr. Dollar Bush, would have been the frontrunner and eventual US President. Bush would have been nice in his debates and let the Super PAC’s do dirty work by filthy ads. Trump hasn’t spend as much as he does the dirty work himself. Have we forgotten how Dubya destroyed Mccain via vicious phone calls?

Trump was a non-politician. He didn’t have a ready vote bank like others. He created a vote bank for himself. Other have been fooling theirs for long. At least he hasn’t fool his, till now.

All the Democrats who are patting themselves and their candidates. Look what has happened to you. Sanders played gentleman and Hillary is on her way to be the nominee. Hillary who is corrupt, takes money from Banks and will put Bill Clinton again in the White House. Had Sanders played rough, he could have beaten Hillary.

This is why Trump did what he did. To break the dynasties. To change the age old status quo. To clear the filth, he had to be filthy. I am no Trump fan. Hell he wants job back from India, my country. But still I don’t despise him. But for his filthy mouth, it would have been Bush v/s Clinton this November. And I hate dynasties. What about you?

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March 8, 2016 at 11:32 pm

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