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Differentiating Drugs Simplified

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drugs.jpgA discussion on addictive drugs and issues thereof with friends delved into identifying various drugs. From cannabis to Heroine to marijuana to meth. I found it difficult to differentiate between various drugs. I have put together a quick Drug 101 tutorial after a bit of research.


Opium Poppy Plant

(Depressant, makes you calm)

Cannabis Plant

(Hallucinogen, varied effects)

Coca Plant

(Stimulant, makes you excited)

Crystal Meth


Heroine: Synthesized from from latex of the plant. White crystalline compound. Snorted or injected. Charas/Hashish: Resin from flower/leaves of female plant. Run on hands and Collect the resin stuck to hand. Resin cake. Smoked with tobacco.

Also prepared by sieving leaves/flowers into silk cloth and then baking.

Cocaine/Coke: Chemically synthesized From leaves of Coca plant. Powder is Snorted, injected into veins. Meth: Man made chemical. Not from plants like other 3. Methamphetamine. Manufactured in illegal laboratories called meth labs.

White crystalline. Snorted, Smoked, Injected.

Smack: Another name of Heroine Marijunana/Pot: Dried flowers, leaves, stem of both female plant. Smoked and used in brownies. Crack: Form of cocaine. Cooking Cocaine with baking powder. Becomes cheaper in cost.
Ganja: Leaves and unfertilized flowers of young female plant. Smoked or brewed like a tea
Bhang: Male plant. No flowers. Green leaves. Not smoked. Ground up and mixed in milk beverages like Thandai
Weed: Slang for Marijuana/Cannabis/or Ganja.
Dope: Generic Term for many drugs

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March 17, 2016 at 6:11 pm

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