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NIT (Non-Indian Institute of Technology?)

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NIT-srinagarWhat the hell is going on in Srinagar? I can empathize with the students. They are a selected lot of people who qualified to study at NIT. But I cannot say the same about the inefficient and biased administration.

I studied at IIT Guwahati. The region was considered insurgent and there were apprehensions enrolling. But what we experienced was fabulous. The locals were very supportive, helpful. They prided in having an Institute of National importance in the region. And never did we ever felt any problem.

But Srinagar problem seems to be out of bound. And the core issue is anti-India feelings in Kashmir. I won’t like to hold back here under the garb of political niceties. What is happening is shameful. And what is more appalling is silence of people like Nayantara Sehgal and her ilk. Where are the awards to be returned? They are hiding today. You know why? Coz supporting nationalistic cause does not get them recognition and moolah across the world. The world celebrates learned people from other countries who are ready to badmouth and malign their motherland. And such intellectuals revel in it; raking in the blood money.

And the insinuation that students are doing this to get transfers to other NITs is pathetic. They are selected top brains who have passed one of the toughest exams and just want to study.

I was against police action at JNU and I am against it in NIT. But what makes me angrier today is, at JNU police action was demonized against people who said, ‘Death to India’. Same opportunists are silent when and at Srinagar it is done to students who said, ‘Long live India’.

My take: What was done to outstation students at Srinagar was akin to racial profiling. They were beaten by local police to teach them a lesson. How dare they raise Indian Tri color? What this will do is damage the NIT Srinagar brand. Check the admission rankings next year. Not the brightest will opt to enroll.

Written by arpitgarg

April 6, 2016 at 11:14 pm

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