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Nice Guy gets Bullied

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nice_attack_doll.jpgWith the horrific pictures of Nice attack coming in, world has once again been left in disbelief. France has been the quintessential Romantic destination for the whole world, and thus this attack has impacted a lot of people across the world.

Please forgive my insensitivity but I recall a seen from a TV Series Southpark where a character bulldozes the crowd in a similar manner. If was funny when I watched it. It is funny no more. I feel the horror. Imagine walking down the street in celebration and next moment someone comes from behind and crushes you. What will it all achieve, I ask? Other than global destruction!

The misguided and brain washed youth carrying out such lone wolf attacks. What can be more defeating to the society? First Bangladesh and Now this; the well bred, well fed people showing such hatred against society is beyond understanding. How can the world move ahead from here? Such lone wolf attacks are devoid of any intelligence input. There are no terror camps, no formal training. All that is there is TV and internet. It’s like self radicalization. The challenge is unprecedented. One fine day, anyone can pick up a knife and kill me on the street. Even authorities can’t do anything.

Though abhorrent, I can at least understand some rationale (or ir-rationale) behind, if someone from Iraq or Afganistan fights to avenge some loss. But what have these misguided youth in Bangladesh and now Nice have lost to avenge? It’s like a chip which is being implanted in their brain. Inception of the worst kind. Today they kill as they feel one with the terrorists in name of religion, tomorrow they can feel the same in the name of caste, creed, color. Where and How will this stop?

Top political, military and diplomatic minds are burning the midnight oil to solve this very riddle. Hope they get some solution sooner than later. I am afraid to think otherwise.

Written by arpitgarg

July 15, 2016 at 11:32 pm

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