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Paris attacks: Spare the citizens

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paris-attacksI see a lot of people complaining as to why so much media attention (social media and otherwise) and outrage over Paris attacks whereas attacks in Beirut the day before totally ignored.

They are right to an extent. Yes the attention is more for Paris attacks. But the reason is not just of white supremacy. The reason is the city of Paris itself. Paris, the undisputable romantic capital of the world.

The attention is due to love significance of city of Paris. I agree that other such attacks in less rich countries do deserve the same outrage, which unfortunately is not the case. But should it make the pain of Paris any less?

I was in Mumbai when the city was attacked in 2008. At that time also same argument was put forward. The media attention was because the rich live in Mumbai. No, definitely not. Mumbai is a city of realizing the dreams. Mumbai, the city of Bollywood. The media attention was due to this significance of Mumbai. Everyday hundreds of youngsters travel to Mumbai to make it big in Bollywood. Mumbai for most is a place to fulfill the dreams. And when this dreamland is attacked, the media attention is bound to be more. This does not make attacks on any other part of country or world any less savage. Nor does this make pain of Mumbai or Paris any less.

In today’s day and age, social media has become a potent weapon in hands of common people. Use it to highlight the pain of people across the world due to such brutal attacks. Be it Syria or Beirut or Kabul or Iraq. Make their pain known. But please don’t negate the pain of people of Paris.

I have seen a lot of discussions on aggression role of Govt’s, American, French, and Indian which led to such retaliatory attacks. However some people go overboard and condemn the citizens as well. I urge all of us to avoid this. Expose the Govt. but spare the citizens. Stand by them in the hour of pain. Share the agony and help allay the fears. Govt’s can be wrong but citizens are the ones that change the Govt’s with a finger.

Don’t alienate the citizens. I stand with people of Paris, I stand with people of Mumbai and I stand with people of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and all such places which have lost precious human lives.

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November 16, 2015 at 1:18 pm

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Scams are good

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A leading newspaper carried a story about petition filed by a multi-millionaire 2G accused, asking for a prison cell with less dust and less heat. Apparently he had some health issues as his lawyer pointed out. There were other stories carried out in media about how 2G and CWG VIP detainees were unhappy with the conditions in the prison and have even taken it up with the authorities.

I for one support their demands. In fact in Hinduism, paap-dhona as it is called, this might just be the deed, which would absolve them of their sins. Let me explain, how.

A while ago, a friend forwarded me an e-mail. There were images of a lovely place. It looked like an awesome hotel. Plush rooms, lavish swimming pool, scenic surrounding and appealing facilities. I needed to identify it. As always, I scrolled to the answer directly; was amazed to find out that it was a state penitentiary in Australia.

It was in stark contrast with its Indian counterparts. But given the condition of our slums, when even free people are forced to live in dire conditions, how can the jailed ones be treated any better. Lobbying for better facilities for so called criminals and thugs will only attract bad publicity, given the problems free citizens face day-to-day. Hence no one has ever shown enough courage to take an initiative.

Maybe with these powerful people, our jails are in for a much needed makeover. As they say, “Every ill has its benefits”. These scams might just be the positive catalyst needed for making our prisons a better place.

Written by arpitgarg

June 9, 2011 at 9:00 pm

True citizens of the Nation: Baniyas

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It’s an old thing. I had almost forgotten it. Yesterday, we were having a discussion when a friend of mine popped out, “I am a true citizen of the country”. When asked why, he stated coz he is a baniya by caste. I am a baniya too. So when he said that Baniyas are the true citizen of the nation. I couldn’t but spare a laugh.

During my 11th std, there was a teacher of mine who used to tease the baniya students among the lot with the same line. It went like, “Bete aap baniya ho? Are aap to desh ke saache nagrik ho” Dumbstruck when the student looked at him, he explained it further. Everyone would just roll with laughter.

A lot many of us might have read “Desh ke sabse aache nagrik baniye“, painted on the walls, baners, road sides etc. “देश के सच्चे नागरिक बनिए”. Offcially it means, become a true citizen of the nation but just for fun of it we read it like, “देश के सच्चे नागरिक, बनिए”. It’s the game of how u read it (with a pause after nagrik) so it becomes, baniyas are the true citizen of the nation.

So all you baniyas out there, remember, We are the true citizens of the country.

Written by arpitgarg

December 1, 2008 at 11:52 am

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