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Love vs Arrange Marriage: What they dare not tell you

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love-marriage-vs-arranged-marriagesI read a few of the posts as to how in India Arrange Marriage is increasingly becoming taboo (against earlier when love marriage was taboo). They cited examples as to how in metros general observation is, “His must have been arranged marriage else he would not have landed such a pretty girl”. Most other posts also give similar examples which show men into negative. As if arranged marriage is something that helps undeserving men “GET” Cinderella’s.

I mean really? Actually all this started with that non-writer who milked IIT’s in his first novel and revel in praise by mediocre people to his mediocre writing. In one of his novel on a similar topic, he had the leading lady explaining to a “non-deserving” guy, as to how lucky he was that he is getting a Cinderella, just coz of arranged marriage. Else he would have got a lame girl on his own (read love marriage).

Now let me give you some not so fancy truth. Love marriage has helped none but the girls, who are able to land up with guys, whom the girls would never have got from arranged marriage. No one dare to cite this fact. Girls end up with a Prince Charming from love marriage. Her father would just have mustered a lame guy in comparison. Come one girls be brave enough to accept this. You don’t have faith in your father and his finances anymore.

Love marriage is a vehicle for girls to get hold of a better guy most of the times. Guys rarely gain anything materialistic from it. So girls when next time you say, “This guy got Cinderella just coz of arranged marriage. He didn’t have spine to get her by himself”. Remember, “You got the Prince Charming just coz of love marriage. Your father didn’t have spine to get him for you”.

Written by arpitgarg

September 27, 2015 at 8:51 pm

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