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Tears of Joy

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I have come to realize of late that I am getting too mechanical and work oriented. Day by day my life has started revolving more and more around office. Far cry from the days of the old. However somewhere deep down my old self has not been able to come to terms with this change. It has been in denial.

Today however that discussion was put to an end. I was stuck in some coding work which I was not able to crack. It has been 4 days and I was half mad already. As you grow in experience, you are required to solve things all by yourself. You can’t look up to others to help you out all the time. And so there I was with all my struggle.

I tried all tricks in the book but to no avail. For me a part of it comes as I feel my reputation is at stake. It’s a totally different thing altogether that I don’t have much reputation for real.

Where were we? Yes. It happened so that I was able to solve the pending issue. Like always it was the last place I would have looked. Anyways I was so relieved that emotions got better of me. For the first time I was close to what we can call Tears of Joy out of my office work.

I think that settles it my old self, I am for bad or for good, no longer the devil may care.  Another one tamed.

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January 31, 2013 at 4:57 pm

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