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The Rat

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“Déjà vu”, I wondered as I entered the wash-room. The lid to the drain pipe was off. It has been going on for a week or so, or maybe not. “Maybe, its due to the water flow”, I dismissed and moved on.

Next day, as I was about to take a shower, a small black figure rushed from the corner, into the drain pipe. My worst fears have come true. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a rat. I have a history of living in a house with heritage, with cellar and stories replete. Along with it, was a small matter of continuous supply of rats. That the house was surrounded by vegetable market and sweet shops didn’t help much either. Hence my rat phobia. I once even woke up to feeling of something chugging at my hand, only to find it to be real.

Entire day at office I was engulfed with the thoughts of it crawling up my bed, jumping on me as I was asleep. I tiptoed into the house. Just as I was about to enter the kitchen, it ran off between my legs under the sofa. I tried shooing it in fear with the longest stick I could find, but to no avail.

“You should try the rat kill”, I got a suggestion. I rushed to the medical shop downstairs and bought The cake of green!. I splintered it across the house as directed. After an hour or so, as I rose for water, all pieces had vanished. “Bingo!” I rejoiced. Just then I noticed some activity under the sofa. I got the idea.

Couple of days went by with me living in fear. I didn’t see it anywhere, and hadn’t the courage to move the sofa. I came back after a long night in office. As I entered the kitchen half asleep, I noticed a small figure under the sink. Not sure if it was dead or alive. “Shoo…Shoo…” No movement. I threw a paper ball. No movement. 15 mins went by as I tied the dust band to the broom and somehow managed to move it out of the house.

It was then that I noticed something. Maybe it was a long day; Maybe it was just a hallucination. I saw tears dried up around the rat’s eyes. Was it real? I don’t know. But it made me uneasy. I am not able to wipe it off. The image of those dried tears juxtaposed with him roaming around the house. I had just poisoned a living creature, which could have died a painful death for all I know. Chilling!

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August 21, 2014 at 4:41 am

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