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पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं

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घुट घुट कर के जीना जैसे,
छुप छुप कर के रोना है,
पा कर सबकुछ खोना क्या?
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

आहट की राहत है क्या,
उसके चौखट पे आने की,
आँखों पे नमी की चादर क्यों?
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

बदल करवटें कटती रतियाँ,
पलछिन, लगे जैसे सदियाँ,
आवाज क्यों अटकी हलक तले?
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

खोजा तुझे मैंने कहाँ कहाँ,
बनके फ़कीर माँगा करता,
दिल बन पत्थर टूटा कैसे?
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

मैं सिसक सिसक के रोया हूँ,
पर आसूँ न आने दिए कभी,
क्या कसम तेरी मैं खा बैठा?
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

न दवा मिले, न दुआ सरे,
अंतर्मन अलग ही सुलग रहा,
है दर्द भरा क्या मन में मेरे?
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

शून्य को बैठा रहा ताक,
नापाक हुआ, न रहा पाक,
जो मन में दबाये बैठा हूँ,
पूछो तो बतला दूँ मैं।

Written by arpitgarg

February 19, 2016 at 1:53 am

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बेचैन दिल

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दिल रहता है बेचैनी में,
जाने क्यों मेरा कबसे,
हर आहट से है लगता ये,
कि आई वो मेरी चौखट।

आँखें मेरी तरस गयीं,
न हुआ पर दीदार मुझे,
मर्ज़ जो है मुझे लगा,
कोई इलाज़ पता तुझे।

रातों को करता हूँ गिनती,
तारे तो अनगिनत ठहरे,
झींगुर की झन-झन भी अब,
मुझको लगने लगी लोरी।

हवा के हर एक झौंके से,
मन तड़पा मेरा जाता है,
स्पर्श नहीं कुछ सुगंध सही,
क्यों लाता अपने साथ नहीं।

कोई कोयल कूकी डाली पे,
लगा कि संदेशा है लायी,
न तू लायी कोई बात नहीं,
एक मेरा संदेशा पहुंचा दे।

चांदनी में भीगा हर कण,
मुझे अपना सा लगता है,
इसी चांदनी को यार मेरा,
ओढ़ रहा होगा इस पल।

कहते हैं घूमती धरती है,
धुरी पे अपनी हर एक पल,
थम जाऊं गर मैं इस क्षण,
क्या धरती मुझे मिला देगी॥

Written by arpitgarg

September 17, 2014 at 2:33 pm

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The Rat

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“Déjà vu”, I wondered as I entered the wash-room. The lid to the drain pipe was off. It has been going on for a week or so, or maybe not. “Maybe, its due to the water flow”, I dismissed and moved on.

Next day, as I was about to take a shower, a small black figure rushed from the corner, into the drain pipe. My worst fears have come true. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a rat. I have a history of living in a house with heritage, with cellar and stories replete. Along with it, was a small matter of continuous supply of rats. That the house was surrounded by vegetable market and sweet shops didn’t help much either. Hence my rat phobia. I once even woke up to feeling of something chugging at my hand, only to find it to be real.

Entire day at office I was engulfed with the thoughts of it crawling up my bed, jumping on me as I was asleep. I tiptoed into the house. Just as I was about to enter the kitchen, it ran off between my legs under the sofa. I tried shooing it in fear with the longest stick I could find, but to no avail.

“You should try the rat kill”, I got a suggestion. I rushed to the medical shop downstairs and bought The cake of green!. I splintered it across the house as directed. After an hour or so, as I rose for water, all pieces had vanished. “Bingo!” I rejoiced. Just then I noticed some activity under the sofa. I got the idea.

Couple of days went by with me living in fear. I didn’t see it anywhere, and hadn’t the courage to move the sofa. I came back after a long night in office. As I entered the kitchen half asleep, I noticed a small figure under the sink. Not sure if it was dead or alive. “Shoo…Shoo…” No movement. I threw a paper ball. No movement. 15 mins went by as I tied the dust band to the broom and somehow managed to move it out of the house.

It was then that I noticed something. Maybe it was a long day; Maybe it was just a hallucination. I saw tears dried up around the rat’s eyes. Was it real? I don’t know. But it made me uneasy. I am not able to wipe it off. The image of those dried tears juxtaposed with him roaming around the house. I had just poisoned a living creature, which could have died a painful death for all I know. Chilling!

Written by arpitgarg

August 21, 2014 at 4:41 am

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Scared Humans

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We humans are such afraid beings. We are afraid of sun, we are afraid of moon, we are afraid of rain, we are afraid of pain. In fact, one does not come to know how scared one is without experiencing it firsthand.

Last month I was facing acute pain in my right eye, right side of nose and right side in the mouth. I keep ignoring it as usual and allaying myself with pain killers. The regular excuses of “No time” and “It will be alright”.

One fine day, I was having lunch with a colleague of mine. I shared about this pain. He looked at me and bam, “Dude, you might have Bell’s Palsy”. I couldn’t properly understand the word at first. Quizzically, I looked towards him. He took out his cell phone and googled and explained it to me. It’s facial paralysis. He went on and on and one.

With his each passing explanation, I began to shudder. How long has the pain been? Is it only on one side or the whole face? Can you pinch your cheek to see if you feel anything? I was white with fear. All my excuses and machoness took a hike. I immediately called up the hospital nearby and took and appointment with a dentist and an ophthalmologist.

Fortunately it was just dryness in the eye, sore nose and sensitivity in the teeth. All three separate problems pounding at once causing a smokescreen of terror.

Anyway, the point is humans can be scared the easiest because we let our psyche get attached.

Written by arpitgarg

September 9, 2012 at 6:15 pm

हुआ मनुष्य लाचार क्यों आखिर

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डरता हूँ मैं, डरता क्यों हूँ?
हर पल मैं आखिर मरता क्यों हूँ?
ऐसी कौन सी गली मैं मुडा,
राह सभी बे-राह हुई जो|

पीता जब हूँ, रब दिखता है,
परदे के पीछे सब दिखता है,
काल-चक्र का उल्टा चलता,
सभी सफलता, लगी विफलता|

डर-डर के जीवन, जीता हूँ में,
गम का सागर पीता हूँ में,
इस माहौल में और नहीं अब,
“एक दिन आएगा”, आएगा कब?

रो-रो के जीवन, जहन न होती,
दर-दर की ठोकर, सहन न होती,
हूँ मैं बेबस, जज्बात लदे हैं,
कुछ कर जाता, हाथ बंधे हैं|

हुआ ये कैसे, मनुष्य लाचार
मुझे पता ना, पता है तुमको?

Written by arpitgarg

March 15, 2011 at 2:30 pm

Dhoni Under ICC Scanner

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Dhoni seems to be in the middle of yet another controversy. After the “Glove Web” fiasco and “Two and a half (2.5) Jam” hiccup, Dhoni has irated ICC once again. According to our sources, Dhoni is under investigation from ICC for the potential theft of cricketing material.


An ICC internal memo, a copy of which is present with us states, “Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain Indian cricket team is hereby charged under Section 25.2 for stealing stumps from the field. Stumps are ICC property; hence he is in breach of ICC code of conduct.”


Sources inside ICC has told us, “Dhoni targets the middle stump which has camera and microphone attached to it. This has resulted in huge losses to our broadcasters”.

It might be recalled, Dhoni was censured by ICC for causing loss of cricket balls by hitting huge sixes out of the ground. Dhoni has curbed his aggression since, to stay away from any controversy.


ICC says Dhoni is not only involved in this gross theft but also encourages the same by his team mates. It’s has become a bloody team game.


Insiders have told us, “One who steals stumps in a match is guaranteed in playing XI, in the next.”

“Why else do you think Munaf and Yuvraj are still in the team?”


“Why else do you think Bhajji is so close to Dhoni?”


Theft of every stump is celebrated heavily. “Let’s concentrate one stump at a time. Records will be made themselves. Soon we will have 1000 stumps in our armory”, Dhoni is supposed to have boasted once.


Dhoni was enraged. “It’s not just me; every cricketer keeps stumps as a memento”. “If you win today, you lay claim to the stumps. This is my mantra to motivate the team. Media and ICC can say anything; I have support of my team.


Opposition players are aware of this. In fact some very much appreciate him. “The knack that Dhoni has for grabbing stumps is uncanny. No surprise that he is a wicketkeeper”.


BCCI has been enraged with these reports. In their press brief they contested, “Our crickets are extremely rich owing to IPL. Why would they steal if they can afford to bribe grounds men. ICC should stop being pain in the back.”


Post the media reports that it was Steve Bucknor who first reported Indian team for stealing, proof of Bucknor himself being involved with the racket has emerged. “He was unhappy with the profit sharing and hence he bitched about Indian players”, said a report.


Legendary Indian opener, Sunil Gavaskar has come out strongly in support of Indian players. He presented his own dossier on international cricketers who have been involved in such thefts from a long time. “Why is ICC silent on these people? Just because Dhoni is an Asian, it does not give ICC the right to level such serious charges”.


It seems highly unlikely that ICC will act against Indian captain and annoy the cash cow BCCI. ICC has infact designed theft proof stumps (pic below). Given its dual purpose, ICC has also tied up with clean-the-nation program run by Sharad Pawar.


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