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The three sisters

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Once upon a time, three sisters lived in a jungle. Ana, Becky and Carli were born and brought up away from the society by their father, who was now no more. All three were virtuous and beautiful. They cared and looked after each other. Played around the whole day and picked fruits. Having grown up far from civilization, they knew no ill. They were three in one and one in three. If one got injured, other two felt the pain. So strong was the bond.

“Help me! Help me!” a cry for help broke the silence one fine day. Sisters rushed to the direction of sound. Smell of blood; someone seemed injured. They felt anxious. A human lay near the pond and a lion at a short distance. Both seemed lifeless. Ana reached out to the human, there was life. He was a young and handsome man. They carried him to the house and tended to his wounds. There was a sudden urgency and competition to care. Emotions were in the air.

None of the three slept that night, just sat beside him. For the first time they forgot to say Grace. Life was not the same. A week went by; the wound started healing, but still no consciousness. Ana and Becky quarreled over cleaning the room. Becky and Carli stopped talking to each other. As per Ana, Carli was trying to look after the man a bit too much.

No one tried to understand what was happening to them. Everything was so sudden. How a small discussion turned into a heated argument to a full-fledged fist fight was beyond understanding. Another week went by and he began to gain consciousness and was soon up on his feet.

All three were fighting for his attention. They even broke the last remembrance they had of their mother, a pearl necklace. Each one wanted to wear it for this special day. The man thanked them a lot. He was a hunter and was injured by the lion. He had passed out but not before shooting the lion.

He got worried knowing it’s been more than two weeks. He looked for his wallet. Opened it and kissed something. “What is it”, they enquired. Oh! My wife would be so terrified due to my absence. We love each other so much, you know.

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August 28, 2014 at 12:10 am

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