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Once upon a time in the land far-far away, there was a boy. Raju was his name. He lived with his family. A hard working farmer father. A loving, caring mother. A doting elder sister. He had all the happiness in the world. Or so he thought.

A traveller came to their home in the middle of a terrible night, asking for shelter. They provided him with utmost hospitality. He related Raju stories about the place from where he had come and of the luxuries that lie there. Raju was tempted. He asked his parents to go with the stranger to the luxurious land. “I will come and get you after some time”. Parents though reluctant, ceded to their son’s request and bade him goodbye.

Raju was full of hope and enthusiasm for all the wealth and happiness coming his way. He could see tall buildings, big cars, and wealthy lifestyle. But he noticed something strange. He tried entering a building; was not allowed. He tried getting in a car, was thrown out. He tried to embrace the wealth, he was not able to. “What is this place?” he wondered. This has luxuries as told, but why are they not for me? Soon the night took over. Raju was left alone in the cold. He shivered.

A couple of ruthless, hungry nights made him age years. He took a job as a tea boy; distributed tea across the shops in the bazaar. He hoped to earn all the luxuries and bring his family here. The more he couldn’t get the wealth, the more determined he became to earn it. He never thought of going back. Time flew. He graduated from a tea boy, to a cleaner, to a peon in an office.

It has been 20 years since he left his family. He hasn’t talked to them. He still hopes to move from his kholi to a plush apartment. Each time he misses his family and wants to go back, he is filled with shame of failure and postpones it. I think deep down he too knows that this is postponement for life.

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September 2, 2014 at 2:30 am

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