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An Open Letter to Narendra Modi

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I write this letter from the deepest of respect that I have for you and for the PM of India.

I am one of the millions who used to lap up all your speeches. Often hopping news channels one by one to hear the same speech again and again and again. Fighting hard with your detractors and trying to convince them of you. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Today I am a bit cofused as to the viability and authenticity of those speeches and whether those hours went down the drain for me. I wonder if I should have put all that time to some other use. Sir, I kindof feel swindled. Here’s Why.

1. Naturally Corrupt Party: When you raised the pitch, we echoed the sentiment. Everyone knows what NCP has done (not) for farmers and what is the root cause of farmer suicides. When you chided Chacha-Bhatija, we all smiled. Ghadi ke 10 se 10 and what not. Now you share stage with the same Naturally Corrupt and praise him. Your party president invites the same Naturally Corrupt to his son’s lavish wedding reception. I am befuddled as were those speeches a facade or what?

2. Don’t know how much black money: Over black money I understand it can’t be brought back over night. And I don’t expect that. During your speeches you cited figures of how much black money is abroad. But after the uproar post your UPA-3 inaction and Supreme Court reprimand, you went on Mann ki Baat and backtracked. You said you don’t know how much black money is out there. I again feel those hours I should have given to better work. Your chief says it was just chunavi-jumla and you say nothing to disregard him. How can I listen to another speech now?

3. Damadji: You went hammer and tong against Damadji. Of how he got undue benefits. Of how is name is at airport list of VIP’s. Of how the whole machinery is at his foot. We saw a ray of hope. Now Damadji will be behind bars. 9 months on and Damadji is still out. His name still on the list. I wonder was that also chunavi-jumla or your partymen not let you put him behind bars? As you might not be but a lot of people from your party and their kith and kin are no less privileged than Damadji and might face retribution from Congress Govt in distant future. Why I listened to those speeches still aches me.

4. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas: I doted on you when you said that. No appeasement, No arrogance. But you don’t say a word against your MP’s who blatantly say otherwise. The regressive and devisive odour is in the air. We can smell it, why can’t you? Was Sabka was just part of speech and nothing else? Was I a fool to have tuned in to those?

You might have had your reasons, one can be to become PM. It’s your prerogative. But what should I do now, who stands cheated. I implore you to keep my faith intact. Be the PM that mirror your speeches. Till then I am afraid I will switch off to any more of it.

Heartfully Sorry,
Arpit Garg

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February 16, 2015 at 8:50 am

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