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In Reply to Ravish Kumar, NDTV

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This is in reply to Open Letter from Ravish Kumar.

ravish_kumar.jpgRavish Kumar ji, there was a time when I used to watch your show. It was within last 3 years. You see I am also an emotional kind of guy just like you. To watch a news show, I must be able to respect the news person at some level. I had respect for you and hence I watched your show. For the same reason I like to watch Kapil Sharma and not Comedy Nights Bachao.

Just as a proof that I indeed liked you, here is the link to the article I wrote on 10 Sep 2014. And another on Nov 26 2015. The way you grilled opportunistic Kiran Bedi, I admired you. I liked you as you brought with yourself a real thing, which has gone missing on News Channels. A phonyism has engulfed not just news but society in general; amidst that I saw you a glimmer of hope. Then the black screen happened.

I would be honest; I lost more than a bit of respect for you that day. It was more because the reason you chose to do that. The TRP race. It felt as if you were irritated with the fellow channel that got TRP’s and you wanted that TRP for yourself. I would have liked had you berated against the bad Govt. policies or phony politicians. But the reason you chose was as phony as it could have been.

Now you complain about online trolls. You know when people start complaining about online trolls, is what I call the ultimate stage of phonyism. When you refer to ‘change’ in last 3 years, I know you are referring to the current dispensation. I just want to tell that last 3 years have seen infinite increase in online activity, fake accounts, paid accounts and what not. It is the real reason.

There are stages for success. People get successful and then more successful and then they start complaining about online trolls. Karan Johar was also complaining couple of weeks back on NDTV website about twitter trolls. Any public figure can complain about that. You don’t think Modi gets any less abuse online than you do? Take any public personality, you would be better, I bet.

Today’s letter that you wrote to MJ Akbar, I didn’t like that much. I’ll tell you why. I like upright people. If you hated him becoming minister, you should have said so straight. You went about beating around the bush trying to mock him. The holier than thou attitude doesn’t help Sir.

I sympathize with you that your mother was called names on twitter and your channel name was abused, but that is how social media has grown. If you want blame, blame twitter for not controlling such accounts. Blame the IT policy for that. Blame courts for not censuring people online. But don’t play a victim card here Sir. When people with money start playing victim card to online trolling, it doesn’t seem nice.

It’s like a slap on the face of poor people with real problems.

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July 6, 2016 at 11:42 pm

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An Open Letter to Narendra Modi

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I write this letter from the deepest of respect that I have for you and for the PM of India.

I am one of the millions who used to lap up all your speeches. Often hopping news channels one by one to hear the same speech again and again and again. Fighting hard with your detractors and trying to convince them of you. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Today I am a bit cofused as to the viability and authenticity of those speeches and whether those hours went down the drain for me. I wonder if I should have put all that time to some other use. Sir, I kindof feel swindled. Here’s Why.

1. Naturally Corrupt Party: When you raised the pitch, we echoed the sentiment. Everyone knows what NCP has done (not) for farmers and what is the root cause of farmer suicides. When you chided Chacha-Bhatija, we all smiled. Ghadi ke 10 se 10 and what not. Now you share stage with the same Naturally Corrupt and praise him. Your party president invites the same Naturally Corrupt to his son’s lavish wedding reception. I am befuddled as were those speeches a facade or what?

2. Don’t know how much black money: Over black money I understand it can’t be brought back over night. And I don’t expect that. During your speeches you cited figures of how much black money is abroad. But after the uproar post your UPA-3 inaction and Supreme Court reprimand, you went on Mann ki Baat and backtracked. You said you don’t know how much black money is out there. I again feel those hours I should have given to better work. Your chief says it was just chunavi-jumla and you say nothing to disregard him. How can I listen to another speech now?

3. Damadji: You went hammer and tong against Damadji. Of how he got undue benefits. Of how is name is at airport list of VIP’s. Of how the whole machinery is at his foot. We saw a ray of hope. Now Damadji will be behind bars. 9 months on and Damadji is still out. His name still on the list. I wonder was that also chunavi-jumla or your partymen not let you put him behind bars? As you might not be but a lot of people from your party and their kith and kin are no less privileged than Damadji and might face retribution from Congress Govt in distant future. Why I listened to those speeches still aches me.

4. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas: I doted on you when you said that. No appeasement, No arrogance. But you don’t say a word against your MP’s who blatantly say otherwise. The regressive and devisive odour is in the air. We can smell it, why can’t you? Was Sabka was just part of speech and nothing else? Was I a fool to have tuned in to those?

You might have had your reasons, one can be to become PM. It’s your prerogative. But what should I do now, who stands cheated. I implore you to keep my faith intact. Be the PM that mirror your speeches. Till then I am afraid I will switch off to any more of it.

Heartfully Sorry,
Arpit Garg

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February 16, 2015 at 8:50 am

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An Open Letter to Open Letters

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It has become a trend these days to “Write an Open Letter”. I too stand guilty. There might be good reasons behind but I find it a service in self glorification. I’ll tell you why.

Firstly these Open Letters serve no purpose of a letter. To whom they are addressed to, never (or next to never) reads them. It’s nothing but a fake letter. 99% of the time, it’s criticism of one or the other things about a person, suggesting him/her to do this or that; this way or that way. It’s nothing more than a barrage of harsh words. A façade is created just to sound interesting.

Mostly it is written to a person who is well known. Writer feels to piggyback. Editors of newspapers/new-channels also write them. Why? I ask. You could easily interview that person. Or write a normal article about him/her. Why the Open letter. I just don’t get it. Which can also prove me plain silly, if others get it.

I have tried Open Sandwich; Not good, Open Bus: It rained, Open Day at School; Got an earful, Open House Interviews; Thrown out, Open Relationship suggestion; Got slapped, Open top car; Bee attack, Opened a Company; Went near bankrupt.

So much of Opens have screwed me over and over again. It might also be the source of my hatred though I suspect not.

Just for my sake, next time you write a Letter, be sure to close it and post it. Don’t leave it open. Not good manners.

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August 28, 2014 at 10:46 pm

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