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Kejriwal: Just another Neta?

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kejri.jpgCommunal riots in Malda has been in news for around a week now. Mamta Banerjee and her ilk, has reacted as expected. Deafening silence in the name of appeasement. BJP has been high on vocals and justifiably so, after long they are on the right. Among this there are two politicians I want to concentrate. Modi and Kejriwal on Dadri and Malda.

Modi has been silent on both and let his Govt. speak. Kejriwal has been vocal on Dadri but ‘finger on your lips’ on Malda. And this saddens me. We expected better.

You take on Jaitley, people support you. You do odd/even, people support you. You go to Dadri, people support you. You set up commission on 1984, people support you. But if you now be selective like Award Waapsi Brigade, how do you expect people to support you?

You took a stand on Dadri. You need to take a stand on Malda. I am not saying you speak on anything and everything but you should have some parity. When reporters ask you on Malda, you rush away. That’s purely disgraceful. People of Delhi might be with you for your good governance. But you are losing a lot of your supporters by such hypocrisy.

It is expected of Mamta, Nitish, Lalu, Gandhi, the whole AwardWaapsi gang, but it’s not expected of you. There is still time. Course correct and don’t become another run of mill the minority appeasing majority leader. Call a spade a spade.

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January 12, 2016 at 10:10 pm

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