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Censor chops Indu Sarkar: Why no outrage?

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silenceThere is a certain section of people which is called intelligentsia, who we trust to depict our collective reactions. When movies like Lipstick under the Burka are blocked, we expect known faces to come out in outcry. When government acts towards appeasing majority or minority, we expect the people in public life to hit back hard. For all the money they mooch off our adulations, it is the least we expect them to do.

I am saddened by lack of outrage when Indu Sarkar is asked by Censor to chop off certain portions. The silence is deafening. This when same people are busy writing op-ed’s about another film where utterances by a well known economist have been muted. I wonder why?

It leads me to my conclusion; Incidents like emergency are implemented by buying of intelligentsia and people of prominence. Elites love restrictions like emergency during which they side with the powers that be. Even today the known and well off people scoff at such movies. When leaders who imposed emergency should have been relegated to the gutters of history, they are celebrated. I can even live with that. But during the era when any and each cuts by CBFC is portrayed in media as an act against freedom of expression and rightly so, the lack of support for Indu Sarkar is an eye opener.

Such selective collective approaches is what erodes the public trust. When media and elites rue the fact that Modi is PM or for that matter Trump is President, their own hypocrisy is to blame. Had they rallied against acts such as emergency and stopped bowing down to the Family, maybe public would not have been forced to look past the taint of Godhra. Had they called out Clintons on their misadventures, maybe public would not have looked past the sleaze audio tape.

There is still time for redemption, but I don’t see it coming. All we have to do is to apply same yardstick to everyone. But in todays polarized time, it is easier said than done.

Written by arpitgarg

July 14, 2017 at 3:44 pm

Animal Eating society agitated on Dog Attack. I mean really?

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Double Standard.jpgA couple of days back, a video went viral where a dog was flung off the building by a sick mind. To harm an innocent animal is not a good thing. But what I saw after, made me question my own sanity.

There was a hue and cry and call for the culprits to be arrested and put behind bars. Like always, media gave it airtime and discussed at length with experts. What amazed me was, the very same reporters who wanted the animal (Cow) be allowed to be killed and people be allowed to eat it, were the same people who were disgusted by dog brutality.

Maybe I am real dumb as I fail to understand how a society which kills and eats animals can raise such a hue and cry. Killing and eating is ok, but beating up is not? If this is not hypocrisy what is. I am not justifying the attack on the dog, it was wrong. But what I am against is the animal eating society talking high moral ground and singling out the culprits.

It is these dual standards that confound me and question my own sanity. How can the society as a whole be such hypocrite, maybe it’s just me who is insane. So if I throw a goat off the building, will it be criminal too? Or Hen for that matter? Or cat or mouse? And if I kill them and eat them, will the criminality go away. Is there some restricted list or while list?

I feel society of killers and animal eaters is trying to quench the morality by singling out few people. And I fail to understand this.

Written by arpitgarg

July 7, 2016 at 2:57 pm

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Salman Issue: Bollywood gets creative

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bollywood.jpgBollywood has been caught in a dilemma. Their track record of taking high moral ground has come back to haunt them. They can’t speak against Salman. It would hurt their financial interests. They didn’t say anything against Salman on hit and run and invisible man. However they have spoken when similar things were done by politicians. They spoke when similar things were done outside their Bollywood and social circle. They were chatty on social media and in press conferences. They are chatty no more.

They have decided to get creative on this issue. They have to interact with media on daily basis and when the question is posed, they have to say something. So below is the compilation of the creativity of Bollywood on this issue.

1. shahrukh.jpgShahrukh Khan: “I myself speak such a lot (inappropriately), Who am I to judge him on this? Personally speaking, I don’t think I am anyone to comment on this. I am so inappropriate myself. I have said some really wrong things also”

2.varun.jpg Varun Dhawan: “I do not want to join anyone’s agenda to further the controversy; I am close enough to Salman to tell him my view point in person. When one knows someone personally, why would they say anything publicly about them?”

3. nagmaNagma: “There was No way he meant it the way it sounded. He should not have made this comment in public”

4. subhashSubhash Ghai: “It is very disgusting translation by someone. He just said one thing that it is a human agony he went through. He was talking about a metaphor. He is just a child and I know he respects women like anything.”

5. priyankaPriyanka Chopra: “First of all, you should be asking the person who made this comment. A lot has been said about the Salman issue. I don’t want to add to the noise. I would rather bring notice on real women issues.”

6. rakhi.jpgRakhi Sawant: “I promise you that Salman Khan hasn’t said anything like this. Salman has only done the lip movements while somebody else has dubbed on it.”

7. vikram.jpgVikram Bhatt: Silence. Was disgusted with KRK for anti-women remarks. Now he says this, “Salman Khan makes one comment and the whole world chases him, What about KRK? He will perpetuate lies and continue to do so”

8. pulkit.jpgPulkit Samrat: “Actors usually remain unaffected with controversies. As an individual, it also teaches you how to be strong and bounce back. Salman Khan is the biggest example of being strong and truthful. He has always bounced back.”

9. nawazuddin.jpgNawazuddin Siddiqui:He used the comment metaphorically. The discussions on it are over and there is no point in repeating it and asking questions about it.”

10. aamir.jpgAamir Khan: Silence. He was earlier hurt by intolerance. But when he himself used ‘balatkar’ for comedy in 3 Idiots. What else can we expect from him?

11. anushka.jpgAnushka Sharma: Silence. To her twitter trollers were misogynists, but sees no wrong in her Sultan co-star.

12. deepika.jpgDeepika Padukone: Silence. Times of India, cleavage controversy was bad. But now nothing.

13. kalki.jpgKalki Koechlin: Silence. Nothing from women abuse crusader.

14. farhan.jpgFarhan Akhtar: Silence. Mard Farhan shared stage with him during IIFA.

15. karanKaran Johar: Silence. Was deeply hurt when Udta Punjab was censored. Attends IIFA with Salman.

16. mouniMouni Roy: ‘Naagin’ of small screen said this, “Every girl wishes to debut with Salman Khan”

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July 1, 2016 at 12:33 pm

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Kapoor vs Gandhi: Clash of two Dynasty

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gandhi.jpgRishi Kapoor went after Gandhi’s recently. He was suddenly angry that prominent places in India were named after ex-PM’s Nehru, Indira, Rajiv. Then came the personal and cheeky jibe, “Baap Ka Maal Samajh Rakha Hai”. Congress which is already huffing and puffing was sitting duck to Kapoor’s attack.

I agree with Rishi Kapoor’s take on Gandhi family. Dynastic celebration has gone beyond control. But a Kapoor taking over Gandhi on dynasty is all too funny for me. A scion of Bollywood dynasty taking over political dynasty of India. From Prithiviraj Kapoor to Raj, Shahshi, Shammi to Rishi, Randhir, Rajiv to Karishma, Kareena, Ranbir, the list goes on and on and on. This dynasty has ruled the entertainment industry. Handholding with other dynasties of Bollywood resulted in their off spring heralded stars right at birth.

What Rishi Kapoor is saying though correct, smacks of selective wisdom. With all the perks he is sucking out of dynasty worship in India, who is he to question some one else’s dynasty? In fact he trivializes the discussion as he is open to back attack. What I have realized is a sound argument is as important as who is making that argument. Rishi Kapoor is detriment to the very argument he is making. In turn he brings harm to the anti-dynasty movement.

If he wants to bash dynasty, no one can stop him. But if wants his bashing to help the society, he has to bash his own dynastic credentials too. Gandhi’s named projects after their fore fathers. Kapoors and other Bollywood clans made their offspring born actors. Films after films after films when common man was forced to struggle in Mumbai with hopes of becoming an actor. Does anyone really think that Kapoor clan would have made it without their own dynastic privilege?

I still commend Rishi Kapoor for the stand he has taken. But to give some gravity to his statements, he has to cleanup his own house first. Till then it’s Kapoor v/s Gandhi.

Written by arpitgarg

May 20, 2016 at 3:38 pm

I stand with Kangana Ranaut

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kangana.jpg3rd class as Times of India newspaper is, it sunk to new low yesterday when it published leaked emails allegedly between Hrithik and Kangana. What’s more pathetic was the tone of the article which without any verification, insinuated that it was a one sided affair. That Kangana was obsessed with Hrithik. That it was an imposter who was emailing Kangana. That she was all at fault and not Hrithik.

When a leading daily has this sort of skewed mentality, what can we say about others in its ilk. I am appalled with media which is directly or indirectly siding with Hrithik. Such chauvinistic mindset is not helping anyone. Just because Kangana is not as big a brand as Hrithik, no one is coming out to support her? Just coz Kangana’s father is not Rakesh Roshan, everyone will laugh at her?

What right does Times of India and other pathetic papers have to publish about her illness? Why no news channel has taken this attack as a debate topic? It is evident now that Hrithik’s side is the one leaking the stories and email correspondences to the media. Why the need for character assassination?

I tell you why. Coz it doesn’t suits Hrithik’s stature to be associated with someone who does not come from family of Bollywood; the Roshan, the Khan, the Kapoor, the Bachchan cartels. If she were related to some Bollywood cartel, Mr Roshan would have been hiding and not attacking her.

She is a single lady who has come up on her own. She has been attacked all along. The Johars, Chopras and other big banners have stayed away. They would better work with other cartels’ sons and daughters. Despite all that, she has made a place for herself. Won National Awards.

I stand by Kangana in this hour. I am not a big fan, but I side with her on principle. It is saddening to see people like Bhoomata Brigade who would fight for women’s rights to worship inanimate stones but has nothing to say when a woman is attacked by a Superstar. God knows Bhoomata is Hrithik’s fan too? I haven’t seen National Commission for Women (NCW), taken suo moto action here. Maybe this doesn’t give them political mileage. Or maybe they too are Hrithik’s fans.

No other female Bollywood star has come out in support of Kangana, when the whole spineless industry was out in the open supporting the infamous Sanjay Dutt, who was then a terror accused. Even Mr. Kher is silent here. They are all ‘You scratch my back, I scratch’ yours’ kind of people anyways.

Don’t lose heart Kangana, millions of people scattered around the country are with you. The Media, Bollywood, Feminist cartels are silent today or are siding with Roshan. But people are with you. Hrithik’s attempt to attack you publicly (when no one even knew about this matter), has only shown that one may become a Superstar, but that doesn’t make one a Gentleman.

When skirts in pubs are banned, it is attack on women’s rights. But when a Superstar attacks a woman, she had it coming. That’s the apathy of the society we live in.

Written by arpitgarg

April 23, 2016 at 12:17 pm

Ola Uber surge pricing: Paid Media decry the ban

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olauber.jpgApp based Taxi services have been charging higher during peak hours under the fancy name of ‘Surge Pricing’. There has been a lot of hue and cry by public across the country, but given the pathetic state of public transport, people could do nothing but pay often x2, x3 the fare.

Similar thing was noticed during Odd/Even days in Delhi when understandably the demand was high. People ended up paying up to x4 the fare. Then came the warning from Delhi Govt., post which the surge pricing was suspended by both Ola and Uber. What I noticed next was really funny.

Uber sent a notification to its users explaining that if they see ‘no cabs’ around, it is due to the surge pricing ban by Govt. And then there were paid lobbyists who started campaigning under the garb of ‘blogs’ on news websites. They say what Delhi Govt has done is death to free market and sends a wrong signal to innovation. They use the same fancy term, ‘Surge Pricing’ which is an ‘algorithm’ developed by these companies based on demand and supply. Let me point out why they are hypocrites.

These were the same people who used to tear up their clothes and run naked, when asked return fare by auto drivers. “These auto wallas, I tell you. Such bad people. The guy charged me half return (x1.5). The loot I say”. Those were their lines. Now they are justifying Surge Pricing. Just coz auto wallas didn’t pay them to lobby on their behalf and Ola/Uber did. Or maybe because they consider poor auto drivers perfect vehicle to vent their anger and rich taxi aggregators too premium to lambast. Or maybe they have some other convoluted justification.

If they ask for free market then why the smirk when auto unions ask for hike in auto fare? Why smirk when during peak hours auto drivers ask for x1.5 or x2. Don’t they deserve surge pricing? Or is surge pricing only applicable for those having AC cabs.

What more is, I have seen such anger at auto drivers among the so called educated people. As if auto drivers are kings and live in palaces. They are poor people and live in shoddy conditions. But no, they don’t deserve surge pricing. Only AC cabs too.

No doubt cab aggregators have made life simpler for commuters. They provide safety and security. But they should not be allowed cannibalism. First eliminate competition (autos) by making losses/providng free rides and then go for the kill (surge pricing).

I am not against surge pricing as it comes heavy on my pocket. I am against it as it is cannibalism. India has a lot of poor people who live by driving auto rickshaws. We need to protect their livelihood for the sake of humanity.

And remember all the coupons and 6/- per km rides will go away very soon. And when the prices become stable, what will remain are carcasses of auto’s and the surge pricing.

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April 21, 2016 at 12:59 am

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The Future of Main Stream Media

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media_politics.jpgLast 5 years have been really tough for Main Stream Media (MSM). MSM has always reveled in taking moral high ground and driving their agenda. It got TRP’s by maligning the political class. It fought for the injustice and got public support. “Media Pressure”, it was called. It reaped results and people were happy. In India, advent of AAP was also attributed to the unprecedented media coverage.

This emboldened MSM further and it began to think itself as king maker and agenda setter. However it was able to maintain the veil of neutrality. In reality everyone was driving their own beliefs and policies. Growth of Social Media removed this veil. MSM was found in bed with the same politicians whom it once stood against. People were left aghast.

So where does MSM go from here? Well, as far as I think, globally it has survived by becoming more political. And this should be the case in India too. We will see more and more news channels aligning openly with one or the other political party in lieu of patronage.

We will see political beliefs of media persons coming out in open. They will start flashing it more openly and not under the veil. This is what they have to do. This is what they will do. Social Media has called out their hypocrisy. Currently MSM is in denial and anger more. It is calling people names in return.

Soon we will see the Bargain/Depression stage, which will soon lead to Acceptance of the truth and coming out in open. MSM can survive only by shedding the tag of hypocrisy. The sooner they do the better. MSM will was/is/will be never neutral. Soon it will accept it.

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February 15, 2016 at 3:45 pm

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Kejriwal: Just another Neta?

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kejri.jpgCommunal riots in Malda has been in news for around a week now. Mamta Banerjee and her ilk, has reacted as expected. Deafening silence in the name of appeasement. BJP has been high on vocals and justifiably so, after long they are on the right. Among this there are two politicians I want to concentrate. Modi and Kejriwal on Dadri and Malda.

Modi has been silent on both and let his Govt. speak. Kejriwal has been vocal on Dadri but ‘finger on your lips’ on Malda. And this saddens me. We expected better.

You take on Jaitley, people support you. You do odd/even, people support you. You go to Dadri, people support you. You set up commission on 1984, people support you. But if you now be selective like Award Waapsi Brigade, how do you expect people to support you?

You took a stand on Dadri. You need to take a stand on Malda. I am not saying you speak on anything and everything but you should have some parity. When reporters ask you on Malda, you rush away. That’s purely disgraceful. People of Delhi might be with you for your good governance. But you are losing a lot of your supporters by such hypocrisy.

It is expected of Mamta, Nitish, Lalu, Gandhi, the whole AwardWaapsi gang, but it’s not expected of you. There is still time. Course correct and don’t become another run of mill the minority appeasing majority leader. Call a spade a spade.

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January 12, 2016 at 10:10 pm

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Of Tormentors and ‘So Called’ Saviors

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indiaLying down, old and tired, I am wondering what is happening? I have faced a couple of attempts to my life, a whole lot of diseases, bouts of indigestion. My will to live and level of immune system let me sail through all these hardships all these years.

As a newborn, my father was taken away from me. A fanatic shot and it was curtains. I learned to live without him. I had an amputation right at my birth. I felt extreme pain but braved the surgery to survive. I had a troubled childhood. Before I was 15, I had couple of attempts on my life already. Such had been my lineage. A part of my head still has scars from deep cuts as reminiscence of those attacks.

I was teased regularly by people in my neighborhood. However I always helped them. I stood up for lady next door. Her husband used to beat her up daily. I said enough. Gave her enough will and support to divorce that evil man and find independent existence. Alas! That lady never was grateful. Tried to mug me a couple of times!

I found myself all chained up and locked up for a number of years by a dictator. I felt so helpless and full of resentment. One day I finally burst of anger and broke the shackles. Dictator was thrown off only to be back. Sometimes I wonder what was wrong with me. Was it my humility and good nature that they exploit?

I was labeled mad. Was subjected to mental shocks. All to get hold of me. I resented and survived again. I was attacked again and again and again. I saw bystanders just whistling and looking the other way. I witnessed them being bribed not to help me. They knew I was being tortured but they were kept placated by my tormentors.

I have grown old now. I don’t hold anything against anyone anymore. Just when I am trying to relax, having gone through a tumultuous life, I see a lot of those bystanders coming back. They say they are trying to save me. I am not sure from what.

They say they won’t let me get hurt. I am not sure from what. I ask them to go hunt my old tormentors if they are so concerned. They go silent; they say nothing.

They just keep on saying they will save me from what is happening. I am not sure what that is. I ask them to get lost. They say they won’t tolerate such intolerance.

Who am I? I am India.

Written by arpitgarg

November 3, 2015 at 5:37 am

Shame to Shame

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Not sure what exactly has gone wrong, but a lot has evidently. It’s not that I am a gullible person but all too sudden double speak by Modi Govt has taken me aback. How the mighty have fallen and continuously do so.

Consider this, Arun Jaitely recently said that indirectly elected Upper House can’t hold the passage of bills and is a threat to democracy. This statement is against the very core of constitution. Upper house represents the states, which under the federal structure is a must. Centre was not envisioned to be all too powerful and states were given rights to decide for themselves. In Centre the Upper House plays this role.

Being the leader of the party in the Upper House, this smacked of all too hypocrisy. Anyways, one could have discounted this as his genuine personal view. But what his party is doing with Delhi Govt. via Lt. Governor is the same. According to BJP, Opposition is not letting elected Govt work. And BJP is not letting elected Delhi Govt work. Shame to Shame.

Hypocrisy, thou art a bitch!

Written by arpitgarg

May 18, 2015 at 9:50 pm

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