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Random Conversation about nothing at all,

The Fat Cherry: I don’t have a reservation in train. What should I do?
The Constant: Don’t worry; you can still board the train. Pay something.
The Protégé: Take a bike ride.
The Dreamer: Don’t go.

The Constant: My leather shoes are good.
The Fat Cherry: Are you sure they are leather.
The Protégé: Hush Puppies are leather. These are not Hush Puppies.
The Dreamer: No Bro.

The Protégé: Ola has started cheaper ride.
The Constant: Why don’t you buy a car?
The Fat Cherry: You can give me a ride then.
The Dreamer: Hey Bro.

The Dreamer: It’s hot. Did you turn off AC?
The Constant: I didn’t do it (Smiles)
The Protégé: I don’t feel hot.
The Fat Cherry: Someone get it on.

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March 11, 2016 at 5:18 pm

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