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Sanjat Dutt: Celebrating the PoW?

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rajdeep-sanjayToday I won’t take any names as everyone was on it. Ever since Mr. Dutt finished his sentence and out of jail, news channels and media has been celebrating his return. One such disgusting interview I happened to see was where anchor asked him what he liked the most, missed the most, disliked the most about his jail time. And more such brainless questions.

Similar was the case with other media houses, everyone wanted an exclusive with the man who returned. An uninitiated might have mistaken him for a Prisoner of War, who had just returned after years of misery in enemy captivity.

Enough! He was jailed for a crime. He has paid his debt to the society for the crime. That doesn’t make him a star. An effort on media’s part to make it sexy and like an X-factor made me throw up. And it couldn’t have been a bug; I was on fast that day.

He was a criminal who was jailed after 20 odd years of committing the crime. Some say he got away lightly, some say otherwise. I respect Court’s verdict. Even when he went to jail, cozy club of Nira Radia-Media, was all tears. Aww! And since he is out of jail, there is more of the celebration.

It makes me wonder, have we failed as a society? Where a convicted felon is celebrated as a Hero? He will get more movies. People will fling to the theatres. But he is not my Hero. And stop making him one.

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April 7, 2016 at 12:24 am

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