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Kashmir Violence: Solutions Please

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kashmir_issue.jpgKashmir Violence has once again shaken the Valley. This time the agitators have rallied around the killing of a terrorist by Security forces. Each time it looks like peace has finally dawned on Valley, each time the mirror gets shattered. Along with stone pelting, this time there have been attacks on security establishments. National media has also made situation worse. No one is interested in finding a solution. Everyone just wants to pin blame.

Someone has to intervene, somethings gotta give. There are broadly four types of violators in Kashmir. 1st are the terrorists who are trained across the border, 2nd are the terrorists like Burhan Wani, born and trained in Kashmir, 3rd are the rich separatists like Hurriyat who are happy with leading a limited sect of people as long as their riches are preserved, 4th are the poor Kashmirs who come out in streets and pelt stones. There were reports recently that some of these un-employed youth were being paid to pelt stones.

Let’s first accept that some of the stone pelters have genuine issues. Then only we will be able to find a solution. Demonizing them won’t lead to a solution. I haven’t come across a single person who is ready to address this issue. There can be a multiple reasons for stone pelting and agitation. 1st can be as I mentioned getting paid for this, 2nd can be they have lost someone due to security forces, 3rd can be they want Kashmir to be independent or go to Pak. Once we make the list of such issues, we can address them.

For the un-employed youth, the Govt. of Kashmir has to create jobs. There jobs can be skilled/unskilled. As they say idle mind is devil’s playground, youth has to be kept busy. MNREGA could be extended further than 100 days. Govt. cans set up small scale industries across state. People should not be left dependent on Tourism to earn money. Pump in money and get some work done out of the idle youth. Some out of the box solutions would be required. But I am sure the money that would be saved in security would be more than money spent to create jobs.

For the people who have lost someone due to Security Forces, there is no easy fix. If it doesn’t stop now, the cycle will continue. More agitation will lead to more death which in turn will lead to more agitation. Same goes for people who don’t see merit of Kashmir being with India. Both these categories of people need to see the benefits of being with India. And the responsibility lies with those people of Kashmir who are reaping the benefits of India. Kashmiris who have been studying in colleges across India, Kashmiris who have been working in companies across India, and Kashmiris who are making a living across India have to come out in open. They have to raise their voices higher than the agitators. They have to make people living in Kashmir realize what India has given/can give them.

Unless the people of Kashmir who have benefitted from India come out in open, it’s next to impossible to fix the problem. The doctors/engineers/collectors who have originated from Kashmir should inspire their brethren to be with India. Disillusioned people will not listen to a Delhite or a Mumbaikar; they would listen to a fellow Kashmiri. Onus lies on you.

Written by arpitgarg

July 16, 2016 at 1:56 pm

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