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Kashmir Violence: Solutions Please

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kashmir_issue.jpgKashmir Violence has once again shaken the Valley. This time the agitators have rallied around the killing of a terrorist by Security forces. Each time it looks like peace has finally dawned on Valley, each time the mirror gets shattered. Along with stone pelting, this time there have been attacks on security establishments. National media has also made situation worse. No one is interested in finding a solution. Everyone just wants to pin blame.

Someone has to intervene, somethings gotta give. There are broadly four types of violators in Kashmir. 1st are the terrorists who are trained across the border, 2nd are the terrorists like Burhan Wani, born and trained in Kashmir, 3rd are the rich separatists like Hurriyat who are happy with leading a limited sect of people as long as their riches are preserved, 4th are the poor Kashmirs who come out in streets and pelt stones. There were reports recently that some of these un-employed youth were being paid to pelt stones.

Let’s first accept that some of the stone pelters have genuine issues. Then only we will be able to find a solution. Demonizing them won’t lead to a solution. I haven’t come across a single person who is ready to address this issue. There can be a multiple reasons for stone pelting and agitation. 1st can be as I mentioned getting paid for this, 2nd can be they have lost someone due to security forces, 3rd can be they want Kashmir to be independent or go to Pak. Once we make the list of such issues, we can address them.

For the un-employed youth, the Govt. of Kashmir has to create jobs. There jobs can be skilled/unskilled. As they say idle mind is devil’s playground, youth has to be kept busy. MNREGA could be extended further than 100 days. Govt. cans set up small scale industries across state. People should not be left dependent on Tourism to earn money. Pump in money and get some work done out of the idle youth. Some out of the box solutions would be required. But I am sure the money that would be saved in security would be more than money spent to create jobs.

For the people who have lost someone due to Security Forces, there is no easy fix. If it doesn’t stop now, the cycle will continue. More agitation will lead to more death which in turn will lead to more agitation. Same goes for people who don’t see merit of Kashmir being with India. Both these categories of people need to see the benefits of being with India. And the responsibility lies with those people of Kashmir who are reaping the benefits of India. Kashmiris who have been studying in colleges across India, Kashmiris who have been working in companies across India, and Kashmiris who are making a living across India have to come out in open. They have to raise their voices higher than the agitators. They have to make people living in Kashmir realize what India has given/can give them.

Unless the people of Kashmir who have benefitted from India come out in open, it’s next to impossible to fix the problem. The doctors/engineers/collectors who have originated from Kashmir should inspire their brethren to be with India. Disillusioned people will not listen to a Delhite or a Mumbaikar; they would listen to a fellow Kashmiri. Onus lies on you.

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July 16, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Mathura violence: Guess who people blame for it?

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hema-malini-modi-l.jpgViolence in Mathura and ensuing politics has taken center stage. It will remain in focus till 2017 elections. While BJP MP Hema Malini not even spends time in her constituency, let alone having moral decency to live there, there was hardly any opposition attack on Akhilesh Govt.

Since I was born and brought up in the city of Agra, next to Mathura, and am in constant communication with people in the area, let me give you some pulse. People are blaming Modi. Yes you heard me right, Modi. Here’s why. People have long stopped blaming SP Govt for the misrule. In 2014 they channeled their anger and gave Modi 72/80 seats. That’s the best they could have done. There is no more anger or any feeling against SP Govt. Who can the poor people blame now? The one person they thought would solve all of their problems two years ago.

SP Govt is not coming back in 2017. Past 4 years have been a missed opportunity for the young Yadav. The whole Yadav clan is more concerned about their cut in any deal that is done anywhere in UP, than about the development. Everyone knows that. Though there have been some development, but that can be attributed to time more than anything else.

If I talk about the city of Agra, only after 2014 washout did any promised infrastructure projects started. Maybe prodded by Modi, maybe out of fear. The biggest winner in 2017 is going to be Mayawati. I have said in the past and I will say it again, 72/80 was not a fluke. It was the anger of the people against SP. BJP MP’s should have been proactive and hard working at least in UP. But with people like Hema Malini who is not even there to listen to people, let alone work for them, I am afraid last 2 years have been a lost opportunity for BJP too.

I personally don’t blame Modi; he has done what he alone could do. I am disappointed by the BJP MP’s. They should have worked aggressively with people, for people; Engaged with them; Brought development to their constituency. Alas! We got nothing. The anger and exasperation that is building in the people will hurt BJP in 2017. SP is not coming back. The biggest gainer would be BSP, if BJP MP’s didn’t buckle up.

Assam win was not a fluke. Having spent 4 years in Guwahati and being in touch with people there, I can tell you, BJP and RSS worked hard since 2014 to prepare the stage for 2016. They were not just sloganeering but working for people at the grass root level. Its high time Modi takes his MP’s to task. It’s one year to go, there is still time for course correction.

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June 4, 2016 at 2:12 pm

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Freedom of Expression, Hate Speech: India is Too Young

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hate.jpgThe point that I want to address today is Freedom of Expression in India. Under the raging debate lately, this expression has been mixed with Freedom to Hate Speech. People wanting right to hate speech put forward the argument that it is a non violent protest and they have every right to do it. I agree with argument but it not in sync with the stage which it is set in. Let me explain.

Is hate speech non-violent? Yes. Is hate speech allowed in other democracies? Yes. In developed countries it is much worse. So why the issue in India? The issue is, India is not yet ready for this. “Not ready in what sense”, would be the next question. Well in the sense of law enforcement. We are a country still way back in policing and enforcement of the law. Security personnel to population ratio is way too low. Arrest rates, Conviction rates are very less. We as a country are working towards betterment but when compared with developed countries, we have a long way to go.

What happens is, due to shortcomings in law enforcement, people feel free to take matters in their own hands which leads to mob justice and mob violence. It cannot be justified and neither am I trying to do that. But we have accept the sad reality. Thus for the age our country is in, Hate Speech can’t be clubbed with Freedom of Speech. It has and it would lead to friction among groups and eventual violence. Onus is on all of us to keep the fragile peace going.

As the law enforcement, conviction rates and fear of law improves, Freedom of Speech automatically will expand to allow Hate Speech. Just because we are born in globalized age, we should not forget the reality of our Geography. Till then don’t blame the nation for any aggressive reaction against hate speech. You are yourself to be blamed for that.

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March 11, 2016 at 7:27 am

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Battered mAnimals

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There is a saying “Man by nature is a social animal”. I agree with the animal part at least, can’t say much about being social. Then again, I might be wrong. Recently I read in a newspaper that now women can also be booked under domestic violence charge. How liberating! One field which we men considered our monopoly has been taken away. What are we without the rage, the anger, the violence? Anyways, I don’t think any of the men will come forward with such a complain Coz in our society what place is there for a man who has been domesticated violently by a woman and needed law to save him.

To be true Men have been subjected to domestic violence for long. Despite this and the fact that most of the lawmakers have been men, why was such an initiative never taken earlier? The answer is the male ego. It’s very hard for us to concede that we could be subjected to violence, that too by a woman. After all We are the boss, aren’ we?.

This leads me a critical question. Who really is the boss of the family? Most of us would answer, The Male. Well you wouldn’t be far from truth. Man is looked upon as the provider and the face of the family, The Head. The child is known by his father’s name. It’s always been Mr. X and his family. Mr. X comes first and the family tags behind.

Has it been so from the inception? Well this took me to some digging. And the answer lies from where I started. Man being an animal. In earlier times, humans used to live in “groups” for fear of being attacked by animals, we being lot weaker than others. Just like animals today, there was no bondage of a male and a female for life. Everyone slept with everyone. So you see, it was never quite clear who the father of the child was? So child was known by the name of the mother and was fathered by most of the group males. The female was the lead and the most powerful. She was looked upon as one who took the group forward by providing offspring, The Provider. Gathering food, taking care of protection of the group were mere laborious.

With time humans prospered. They stopped being gregarious and Man being stronger felt to show supremacy. One man-One Woman concept became vogue. Child now had a uniquely identifiable father, could be named after him. Man became the lead, the head.

So evidently it’s the offspring who decides who the boss is. Earlier offspring could be identified by the mother, so female was the head, now it could be identified by the father, so male is the boss. So in effect the saying that, “Child is the father of Man” takes precedence here too.

P.S: To all those fellow men who have been victims of domestic violence, do visit, Battered Men.

Written by arpitgarg

June 14, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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