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Plea to Chief Justice of Supreme Court: Clean the rotten eggs of Judiciary

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judicary.jpgI know the first defense for judicial custody of Palak (Kiku Sharda) in Baba Ram Rahim case would be, will such comedians dare play Prophet? How would they piss their pants thinking of backlash from minority fringe! Agreed. But why to fall to their standards. We are better than that.

I know moving courts is a civilized reaction when compared to Malda riots, and I appreciate Baba’s followers didn’t go the Malda route. I have nothing against Baba’s hardcore supporters going court. It’s their democratic right. But I have issue with the Magistrate who remanded Palak to judicial custody.

The only pillar of Democracy with some ethics left, is too withering away with such decisions. Such frivolous cases need to be thrown out of the window at the onset. I hope top Judges are watching this, pull up the people below and devise guidelines for lower rungs to adhere to.

But when the ‘stands exposed’ Finance Minister himself is clogging up judicial system to fight his politics, how can we expect anything else.

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January 14, 2016 at 1:26 am

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An Open Letter to Judiciary

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Dear Judiciary,

judiciaryA lot has been discussed, said, written, re-discussed, re-said, re-written about powerful people getting scot free for alleged crimes. From wealthy, to notorious, to politicians to film personalities. There are ample examples of people getting let go by police or judiciary over the years. There have been few cases of-late which were able to stem this. But they were a rarity rather than being the norm. Nitish Katara case and Sanjay Dutt case are the only ones that come to mind.

From Lalu to Jayalalita to Salman to Sonia to Rahul to Advani to Modi to Pawar. All are running free. Either freed from jail or out on bail. With a battery of expensive lawyers, they are all out of jails.

And I have no issues with them being out per say. They are rich and influential people and as term suggest they can buy and influence. What I have is the issue with the charade we go through for 15-20 years to finally come to the conclusion to let them free. Poor people meanwhile languish in jails without trail and never even get bail.

I feel we should better devise a formula which takes into account money a person has, what is his/her social/political standing and how popular he/she is. We can have separate courts for that. Based on the result of this formula, if a person fares well, he is acquitted then and there. Else he is put in jail without trail or bail.

It would save everyone a lot of time.

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December 10, 2015 at 2:57 pm

Judiciary exceeding the mandate?

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Recently Indian Home Minister lamented that Judiciary is taking over governance and not letting Executive and Legislature work. In fact we have heard the same from a lot of politicians of late.

The argument that is given is, “Policies and Governance should be left to elected representatives”. To quote our Home Minister, “They may govern India badly, they may govern India well, but they will govern. If they govern India badly, the people will throw them out. If they govern India well, people would reward them”. Sounds convincing, right?

But herein where the problem lies! Judiciary was made independent and subjected to constitution for a very important reason; to put in checks and balances. Just being “elected representative” should not make someone supreme for the next five years.

If judiciary has gained upper hand, it is because of the blatant scams and corruption the Executive and Legislature have indulged in. Just because courts are putting corrupt parliamentarians behind the bars, it doesn’t mean judiciary is putting parliament behind bars.

Just because Judiciary is asking to provide better life to the people, it doesn’t mean it is over-reaching the mandate. Just because Judiciary is asking questions, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

I disagree with you Mr. Minister. Apex Court is the only reliable institution left out of the Trinity.

Written by arpitgarg

December 8, 2013 at 12:36 am

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