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Judiciary exceeding the mandate?

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Recently Indian Home Minister lamented that Judiciary is taking over governance and not letting Executive and Legislature work. In fact we have heard the same from a lot of politicians of late.

The argument that is given is, “Policies and Governance should be left to elected representatives”. To quote our Home Minister, “They may govern India badly, they may govern India well, but they will govern. If they govern India badly, the people will throw them out. If they govern India well, people would reward them”. Sounds convincing, right?

But herein where the problem lies! Judiciary was made independent and subjected to constitution for a very important reason; to put in checks and balances. Just being “elected representative” should not make someone supreme for the next five years.

If judiciary has gained upper hand, it is because of the blatant scams and corruption the Executive and Legislature have indulged in. Just because courts are putting corrupt parliamentarians behind the bars, it doesn’t mean judiciary is putting parliament behind bars.

Just because Judiciary is asking to provide better life to the people, it doesn’t mean it is over-reaching the mandate. Just because Judiciary is asking questions, it doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

I disagree with you Mr. Minister. Apex Court is the only reliable institution left out of the Trinity.

Written by arpitgarg

December 8, 2013 at 12:36 am

Things I love/hate about Anna Hazare

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  1. I hate that he makes me feel corrupt. He tries to wake up my conscience. He makes me uncomfortable. He irks me.
  2. I love that he does not contest elections and hold legislative posts. Scared if he becomes PM.
  3. I hate the fact that he brainwashes today’s youth into believing that corruption is a bad thing.
  4. I love when he goes on fast and his health deteriorates. Good Riddance.
  5. I hate that his crusade will take off food from plates of corrupt people like me.
  6. I love that people like him are not selected for constitutional posts in our country. Who would bear a lokayukta like him?
  7. I hate that my dream of owning a black money account in Swiss bank will remain a dream because of him.
  8. I love the fact that he is old.
  9. I hate that his legacy will continue forcing me to answer to laws of the land for corruption.

Gang Bangers

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I could not find any other title suitable to this post however coarse it may sound.

Supreme Court of India struck down the appointment of CVC PJ Thomas recently. Not just the judgment but the case in itself turned out to be a landmark one. It dealt with how to measure the integrity of a person; How the Govt. machinery can be misused to appoint personal beneficiaries to the autonomous constitutional authorities. In fact of late several murky deals from the power corridors of Delhi stood exposed bringing to light the best keep secrets of the India that is corrupt.

“28.3% MP’s have serious charges against them”, Thomas contested in court. Why was only he being unfairly targeted? I must say, I found his plea quite sound. Similar was the defense of Mr. Suresh Kalmadi. “Why don’t you question Delhi CM and Central Sports Minister? They were party to all decisions”.

Why am I alone being charged Sir, it was after all a Gang Bang.

What Thomas and Kalmadi did was a classic case of blackmailing. While Thomas pressurized legislative to support him or stand exposed, Kalmadi took his chances with Delhi CM and Central Sports Minister.

Without going into the good bad and ugly of Adarsh, CWG and 2G scam the thing that stuck me most was the collaborated loot of public money. Had this collaboration been shown in organizing CWG, it would have done some good to brand India. It’s like everyone is ganging up to plunder this country.

Having had rendezvous with functioning of bureaucracy up close, I must admit it would have been hard for Kalmadi to organize CWG without placating other authorities; difficult for Raja to remain Minister without collaborating in loot; and impossible for Chavan to survive without participating in the plunder.

In fact we are no longer averse to bribe and corruption. It’s a way of life. People teach their kids how to bribe without getting caught. “Sir, aap jaisa bolenge waisa ho jaayega”, beta aisa bolna, aadmi apne aap samajh jaayega.

It’s not just the big names which are ganging up; we too are part of the mob that is looting and plundering our nation. We are the Gang Bangers.

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