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I can hear it, true

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Sleep seems not in sight,
Rest, reads a word too tight,
Run away, sounds a whisper,
I can hear it, true.

So much happening around,
Things on verge of out’o’bound,
Like something gotta go,
I can sense it, true.

Impatience, anxiety, restlessness,
Trying to clear out the mess,
Mess about to turn messier,
I can feel it, true.

Everything was in my hands,
Somehow all slipped away,
I held my fist quite tight,
It couldn’t be tighter, true.

Grappiling in shallow waters,
Can anytime drown in now,
Try hard to hold on to some,
It’s nothing but air, true.

Mountain high, Low of abyss,
Swinging to and fro hard,
About to snap anytime now,
I can’t pause it, true.

However you may shake me,
I hang in there, a strong will,
Will fight hard, try comeback,
I can commit it, true.

Written by arpitgarg

September 21, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Posted in Literary

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