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Dear Stomach

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Dear Stomach, I want to say,
You give me a lot to recall,
Meeting you like going round,
The great Chinese Wall.

There were times when you,
Were flat, and hard as rock,
And now you are all rotund,
Like a fat bear, running amock.

When you were thin and straight,
Girls turned back, gave affection,
Since you have fattened more,
Took away my chances to score.

A tattoo I inked on my chest,
With pride a lot, aiming high,
It’s hanging from stomach mine,
Looks disgusting, with a sigh.

Crunches fifty at a time,
I used to do like a cake piece,
Now you come in between,
Hands barely touch my knees.

You craved for food so junk,
And Beer you wanted by dozen,
Now see where deep you lie,
Buried under your own burden.

I always tried to keep you tight,
Hold on food, drinks and fries,
But O’ stomach my divine,
I lose to you, how hard my tries.

Written by arpitgarg

September 28, 2015 at 6:01 pm

Posted in Personal, Poetry

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