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In reply to Karan Johar

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Karan Johar, I read your heart wrenching post as how bad you are trolled on twitter and the rough life you have to lead due to this. I am saddened by the harshness that people meet out to you. I mean you are son to a rich father, yourself super rich, director, actor, judge of TV shows. But still these very bad people on twitter treat you with such bad words. I am appalled.

I can’t bear in much longer. I am breaking down in tears, listening to your pain. You suffered enough when the ‘freedom of speech’ was obstructed when Udta Punjab got cuts. So much so that you went on your knees, at least that’s what your post said. You didn’t feel the same when MSG was banned, is a different matter altogether. What is your fault if you and your Bollywood circle wished MSG to be banned? It was not a good film after all.

And now twitter. My God! How can people do this to you. Such suffering. Social media where a lots of profiles are fake. How can such fake people say bad things about YOU. Leave aside the fact that most of the celebrities are trolled similarly; mostly rich and successful. Modi is trolled, Shahrukh is trolled. Such has social media evolved. But how can they do this to you?

I share your pain Sir. Maybe the coolness of your Air Conditioner. Maybe the comfort of your SUV. Maybe the huge walls of your house are not able to comfort you. I suggest, lets you and me lynch these bast***s who say such bad things about you. Don’t they know how rich and successful you are?

And thanks to you Sir. Your pain and therapist interventions swayed my mind off the fake problems like farmer suicide, inflation, shortage of water, heat, dust, poverty, hunger, disease, dowry, rapes, molestation, female infanticide. My total concentration is on you First World Problem now. How a rich guy with multiple houses, who spend a lot of time abroad, is a Bollywood’s go to personality. How can you be trolled? How much more you have to suffer. Already 100% clean water supply is too much for you to bear. You have to bear, not facing the heat and dust. You have to bear not sleeping hungry at night. Hell you have to bear not travelling in local train like animals. How much pain. I again break down writing this. Hope you see my tears Sir.

And thanks to great NDTV, which listed your blog post on the front page of their News website. Without their endeavor, I might not have come to know of your pain. Thanks Great NDTV. Some might accuse you of some scratch the back thing. But NDTV, they would be so wrong. Please you don’t feel hurt like Karan by comments of such pathetic losers. You are great NDTV. Please do share such pain and first world problems of other millionaires. What if we live in India, we have every right to listen to First World Problems.

And Karan Sir, again, don’t feel bad. I am here to listen to you. I am here to console you. I feel your pain Sir. Please let your therapist know that there are people like me who adore you. And hell, you even have to bear visiting a therapist. When 90% don’t even have to bear visiting a doctor, ever. People would say that it is coz they are poor. But don’t let them fool you. These bad people make excuses to not bear the pain of visiting a doctor.

So much pain I feel from you. I might go numb of shock.

Written by arpitgarg

June 16, 2016 at 8:03 pm

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