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In reply to Karan Johar

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Karan Johar, I read your heart wrenching post as how bad you are trolled on twitter and the rough life you have to lead due to this. I am saddened by the harshness that people meet out to you. I mean you are son to a rich father, yourself super rich, director, actor, judge of TV shows. But still these very bad people on twitter treat you with such bad words. I am appalled.

I can’t bear in much longer. I am breaking down in tears, listening to your pain. You suffered enough when the ‘freedom of speech’ was obstructed when Udta Punjab got cuts. So much so that you went on your knees, at least that’s what your post said. You didn’t feel the same when MSG was banned, is a different matter altogether. What is your fault if you and your Bollywood circle wished MSG to be banned? It was not a good film after all.

And now twitter. My God! How can people do this to you. Such suffering. Social media where a lots of profiles are fake. How can such fake people say bad things about YOU. Leave aside the fact that most of the celebrities are trolled similarly; mostly rich and successful. Modi is trolled, Shahrukh is trolled. Such has social media evolved. But how can they do this to you?

I share your pain Sir. Maybe the coolness of your Air Conditioner. Maybe the comfort of your SUV. Maybe the huge walls of your house are not able to comfort you. I suggest, lets you and me lynch these bast***s who say such bad things about you. Don’t they know how rich and successful you are?

And thanks to you Sir. Your pain and therapist interventions swayed my mind off the fake problems like farmer suicide, inflation, shortage of water, heat, dust, poverty, hunger, disease, dowry, rapes, molestation, female infanticide. My total concentration is on you First World Problem now. How a rich guy with multiple houses, who spend a lot of time abroad, is a Bollywood’s go to personality. How can you be trolled? How much more you have to suffer. Already 100% clean water supply is too much for you to bear. You have to bear, not facing the heat and dust. You have to bear not sleeping hungry at night. Hell you have to bear not travelling in local train like animals. How much pain. I again break down writing this. Hope you see my tears Sir.

And thanks to great NDTV, which listed your blog post on the front page of their News website. Without their endeavor, I might not have come to know of your pain. Thanks Great NDTV. Some might accuse you of some scratch the back thing. But NDTV, they would be so wrong. Please you don’t feel hurt like Karan by comments of such pathetic losers. You are great NDTV. Please do share such pain and first world problems of other millionaires. What if we live in India, we have every right to listen to First World Problems.

And Karan Sir, again, don’t feel bad. I am here to listen to you. I am here to console you. I feel your pain Sir. Please let your therapist know that there are people like me who adore you. And hell, you even have to bear visiting a therapist. When 90% don’t even have to bear visiting a doctor, ever. People would say that it is coz they are poor. But don’t let them fool you. These bad people make excuses to not bear the pain of visiting a doctor.

So much pain I feel from you. I might go numb of shock.

Written by arpitgarg

June 16, 2016 at 8:03 pm

Blasts and News

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I shied away from news channels last night. Its rare coz I feed over breaking news. However scenes on TV during 26/11 haunted me for long. There was one more reason; I have been so used to these blasts that I knew very well what would be on news channels. Let’s guess chronologically.

t=0 Blast across the city.

t=5mins Unverified news of explosion in the city. Suspected to be cylinder explosion.

t=10mins Unverified news of series of explosions. Definitely not a cylinder explosion. 10 injured.

t=15mins According to sources, it’s a terrorist attack. Blasts across the city within minutes of each other. 2 dead, 24 injured.

t=30mins Police sources have verified that these are bombings. Blast sites have been cordoned off. Injured being taken to the hospital. 7 dead, 56 injured.

t=1hr Home minister has verified it to be a terrorist attack. Lashkar, IM hand suspected. 15 dead, 87 injured.

t=2hrs Terrorist attack probe begins. IB, Forensic team on the spot. Use of sophisticated technology detected. 25 dead, 117 injured.

t=3hrs City on red alert. India put on high alert. 15 IM suspects rounded up. Investigations on. PM realys message to the nation. 29 dead, 127 injured.

t=5hrs Celebrities vent anger on twitter/facebook. Socialites damn the Security forces. Intellectuals damn the Govt. 34 dead, 149 injured.

t=6hrs Qaidai-al-kalami-jamat takes responsibility for the blasts.

t=7hrs I write this post.

Checking the Trends

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Who do we love more? Mom or Dad. Who do we think about more? Jesus or Satan. Do we Love more than we Hate? One would agree, these questions are quite vague to answer. Not any more. Thanks to Google’s insatiable desire to hold more and more dough over its users, we are now able to analyze the search pattern traffic over the years via Google Trends. As much as I hate Google for storing private data, I love the way they use it.


Mom vs Dad

Mom seems to be the favorite here. Time for Dad’s to buckle up or lose the battle.


IPad vs Kindle

Since IPad is quite new, let’s consider just the last year’s data. IPad beats Kindle quite easily. Despite being a new entrant, people prefer it over Kindle. It seems IPad will put out this Kindle soon.


Engineer vs Doctor

I have always taken pride in being an engineer. But my doctor friends can smile now. I concede. You win. You are more dear to people than me.


Apple vs Microsoft vs Google

No prizes for guessing. Google beats Apple and Microsoft by a margin. Microsoft seems to be on a decline and next year’s data might though some shocking statistics.


Twitter vs Orkut vs Myspace vs Facebook

Facebook is way ahead of its peers. For Twitter/Orkut/MySpace, seems a tough life ahead.


BJP vs Gandhi

I tried Advani, Vajpayee etc v/s Gandhi. They never stood a chance, anyways. I then decided to put the whole BJP against the Gandhi surname. BJP lost quite heavily. No wonder they lost the election. A surname seems mighty.


Cricket vs Football vs Basketball

Football dominates globally. Cricket and Basketball have a long way to go. As far as Indian subcontinent is concerned, it’s the other way round.


Beauty vs Brain

The age old question has been left in the deadlock again. It’s a virtual tie between beauty and the brain. It seems we still have not been able to make up our minds b/w Female beauty and Male brain.


Oil vs Blood

Oil and Blood go neck and neck showing their equal importance. Given that so much blood has been spilt because of oil, this seems hardly surprising.


War vs Peace

Man’s violent nature and urge for war is evident here. Peace seems to be the last thing on the mind.


Love vs Hate

Well there seems to be some hope left. Despite the urge for war, man has not forgotten the cardinal urge to love. We still haven’t learned to hate each other as much.

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