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Five days a week

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Wake up morning aimless,
News and shit, lameness,
Often it plays, hide n seek,
I do this, Five days a week.

Jog and sweat, calmness,
Shower and clean, freshness,
Jazz a bit, hair and cheek,
I do this, Five days a week.

Milk and Cereal, Munching,
Fruits a few, pack lunching,
Sometimes salad, fresh Greek,
I do this, Five days a week.

Stroll to office, oh so slow,
Some hot, some cold, I blow,
To my seat, I quickly sneak,
I do this, Five days a week.

Login password, old routine,
Workspace, always find clean,
Keep sitting, till take a leak,
I do this, Five days a week.

Lunch time here, off I go,
Eat together, all my bro,
Bitch, snitch, plotting reek,
I do this, Five days a week.

By the evening, left no thrill,
Not got enough time to kill,
Next day feels equally bleak,
I do this, Five days a week.

Written by arpitgarg

October 20, 2015 at 6:08 pm

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Top 5 Modern Means to Ease Tension

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1. Divorce
A two faced dragon. Post the concept of divorce, couples has been eased out of tension of living unhappily together. It gives a shot at starting life afresh and get out of the lifelong agony.
2. AC
In hot and humid conditions, mind is not able to reach its optimum production level. Air Conditioning has solved this altogether. Even in extreme conditions, we can choose to live at whatever temperature we want. How the AC soothes our mind and rejuvenates us in those summers.
3. Chocolate Sundae
There is nothing like a hot fudge, whipped cream Chocolate Sundae that sooth our nerves. After a tiring day, a sundae relieves us like nothing else. Modern life has its goodies to offer.
4. Bungee Jumping
Not for the faint hearted. The thrill remains us for life. Try it once and you will never be scared in life. It adds thrill to a boring life and eases our mind.
5. Combat Video Games
Beating the hell out of someone is an age old solution to ease tension. We can beat, kill, and destroy anyone and anything in this virtual world. Believe you me the thrill is the same. Play a “Beat you Boss” at the end of a tiring day and it will outperform a glass of Beer.
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