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20 MLA’s disqualified: Immaturity doomed Kejriwal

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kejriwal-600x409I remember 2014 when Kejriwal broke news that Amit Shah was trying to poach AAP MLA’s in order to install BJP Govt in Delhi. There was huge outcry not just in Delhi but country at large. Kejriwal commanded huge level of trust. He was the first one to stop the Modi wave. 2015 Delhi election was the time when Kejriwal rivalled Modi in trustworthiness. How times have changed.

I kind of feel for Kejriwal because I understand the reasons behind. It stems from immaturity. I have personally lost a lot due to it. With age people expects a level of maturity from you. They give you some rope when you are young but it only goes so far. Post Anna movement, a daring Kejriwal was people’s favorite. He was the son every mother wanted.

With 67 MLA’s, he had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but he continued to delegate it to common man. Attacks after attacks on Modi were done to instigate people. It worked for some time but people were fed up after. His continued attacks were seemed as his immaturity. If Delhi CM had not powers, why did you want to get elected?

A mature person is expected to get things done. If only he would have been responsible. Being ambitious is not a crime. Wanting to come to power in Punjab was a reasonable target but the way AAP went about it was immature. In a diverse nation such as India, you have to earn the trust. And it takes time. Daily name calling did not help.

From being the chosen one, he has been relegated to a wasted potential and dreams unfulfilled. I still don’t think his intentions were wrong but what I feel does not matter. It’s the perception of immaturity that matters. It has wasted a lot of opportunities for me. I just hope AAP and Kejriwal wins back the trust. Believe me the path is not easy.

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January 22, 2018 at 11:31 am

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Kejriwal should listen to the Poet

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Kumar-Vishwas-h14231.jpgI felt real bad to see Kumar Vishwas at the verge of crying in front of the media. I have been a fan since my college days, when his “Koi Deewana Kehta Hai” motivated me to become a poet. Kumar, like any other other Hindi Poet and stand up comedian, is attached to the grass root. They have to as that very grass root gives them the material. He has a cult following among college students and his romantic recitations have created quite a few romeos over the years.

Like a lot many of you, I supported AAP when they came up as an anti-corruption alternative. I supported Modi, when he gave us optimism. I even supported Rahul Gandhi when he pushed through the Nuclear Deal way back in 2009. I am mentioning this to clear my no-so-clear political leaning. When Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were expelled from AAP, it didn’t concern me much. They didn’t have a volunteer connect anyways; were more of boardroom politicians.

But Kumar Vishwaas is a different story altogether. He is one of the rarest breed of people who find acceptance and respect cutting across party lines. Reason being, he has still not become a wily politician. He speaks what is right, not what is right for his party. He stood his ground on Surgical Strikes, Demonetization and praise for PM Modi when due.

I would not say that Kejriwal committed a sin, or has become a corrupt leader, no he has not. A young politician, he is still trying to find his feet. He was correct in assessing that unless they win a state other than Delhi, they would not be able to show results. Had AAP won Punjab, things would have been different. But I am happy that they lost. In a bid to win, Kejriwal compromised on means this is what has hurt his image. Agreed that BJP was not letting him work, but his approach of bad mouthing a popular leader went against him. The loss in Punjab, has presented itself as an opportunity for him to course correct.

Kumar Vishwas is what is required at this point. From an anarchist (whom people supported), Kejriwal’s image became that of an opportunistic leader, who can play even with national security. And he himself is to blame. AAP needs a change and Kumar Vishwas can bring that. It won’t be a major change mind you; it would be going back to the roots of the movement. Hope the tears of Vishwas clean up the dirt that has sullied the once great movement.

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May 4, 2017 at 1:43 am

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Bengaluru to Delhi: Real reason behind the beastness

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black.jpgAnother New Year celebration showcased another round of incidents by rotten eggs of the society bringing shame to the nation. Then there were remarks by his highnesses and how so easily media changed the narrative. No one cared other than for TRP’s and hence no one dared to speak the real truth behind the dare of such beasts.

The real reason is the failure of law enforcement and the judiciary of India. If over the years such culprits had been caught and jailed in time and an example made out them, even the high and mighty would have thought twice. Local police stations do not register majority of such cases as they sully their record. Women are left with no option when the law enforcers say, “Madam yeh sab toh hota rehta hai, Jaane do”. Whatever cases do get registered, they take ages to come to conclusion. Women get no support from police, judiciary or the society, while the hooligans are out on bail, breaking the spirit and squeezing the fight out.

But no, who is concerned about the real issue, when the politicians and their apathetic remarks give the ready mix for high TRP’s. The high drama in the late night news shows and the society sleeps sound. Had the police and judiciary done its duty over the years, we would have seen a much better society.

Such selective outrages are good for getting adrenaline going, but what purpose do they serve? It’s been years, still Nirbhaya has not been avenged. The case has been moving through the damping by lanes of courts at snails pace. Want to bet on how long before the men arrested for Bengaluru are out on bail and how long before they are put in jail. I suggest, don’t bet me on it!

Written by arpitgarg

January 6, 2017 at 6:53 pm

African Issue: Yes, there is racism, but this is not racism

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racismThe issue of African national getting beaten to death in Delhi, has hampered India’s diplomatic relations with said nations. This has been taken up heavily by Indian media and has been called spate of racist attacks. Indians who have always been on the receiving end of racism worldwide, don’t know how to react. Over the years we have called all white people racist, now what do we do? Most are rejecting the charge; some in opposition are blaming the Govt as usual. So what is it? Are is this racism or is it not? Are we racist or are we not?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Yes we are racist, but no current issue is not racism. Indians are born racist. North Indians make fun of color, accent of South Indians. South Indians make fun of North Indians brutish eating and drinking habits. Both North Indians and South Indians make fun of Indians from North east on how they look. The list is endless. It has been engrained in us. But is making fun racist? Yes and No. No in the sense that there is not physical harm, Yes in the sense that it opens up the possibilities of physical harm.

For those who know Delhi, the issue of African nationals is not racism. It is much different. The issue can be attributed to the law and order situation in Delhi. At the risk of being lambasted by PC brigade, let me lay out some facts. A lot of African students study in Delhi University. Most of them live as paying guest or on rent across Delhi. By and large, things are good. So what went wrong?

The issues lie with Delhi Police. There is a big drug racket in Delhi. Handful of African nationals are involved (mostly as drug peddlers). It is an open secret from a number of years. When locals complain to local police, what do the police do? They do nothing. They don’t even register a case. Let alone jail or deportation. Off the record this is what police say, registering a case against foreign national is not that easy. Lots of permissions, lots of follow up. And then there is pressure from ministry that arrest and deportation too harms the potential students and bilateral relations. End result is that the culprits are left with just a warning. And they continue the business unabated.

It’s not just that. When common people try to stop them forcefully, they are lambasted as racist. Which is what happened couple of years back in Malviya Nagar. This roots the hatred against African nationals. Over the years, police apathy and inaction has fueled this anger. Had action been taken against handful of drug peddlers earlier, there would have been no bad blood.

Common people know that police will do nothing. They know if they try to stop such things by force, whole national media will label them racist. So they do nothing but the hatred swells inside. People who don’t live in Delhi, have no right to judge the localites. But still everyone judge them.

The exact details of this case will tumble out in time to come. But some rotten apples among Indians prey on this hatred and take this to extreme level, which happened in this unfortunate incident. By and large I don’t see any more racism against Africans, than there is against South Indians / North East Indians in Delhi. But the inaction of Delhi police and lack of directions from Govt has blown up a simple law and order issue to hatred against African nationals in general.

The resolution is simple. Police need to take action against African nationals found involved in drug trade (there are only handful, and police know them). And also take strictest action against the perpetrators of the murder of the innocent Congolese youth in the current case. You know what, neither of the two will happen.

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June 5, 2016 at 9:26 pm

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Ola Uber surge pricing: Paid Media decry the ban

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olauber.jpgApp based Taxi services have been charging higher during peak hours under the fancy name of ‘Surge Pricing’. There has been a lot of hue and cry by public across the country, but given the pathetic state of public transport, people could do nothing but pay often x2, x3 the fare.

Similar thing was noticed during Odd/Even days in Delhi when understandably the demand was high. People ended up paying up to x4 the fare. Then came the warning from Delhi Govt., post which the surge pricing was suspended by both Ola and Uber. What I noticed next was really funny.

Uber sent a notification to its users explaining that if they see ‘no cabs’ around, it is due to the surge pricing ban by Govt. And then there were paid lobbyists who started campaigning under the garb of ‘blogs’ on news websites. They say what Delhi Govt has done is death to free market and sends a wrong signal to innovation. They use the same fancy term, ‘Surge Pricing’ which is an ‘algorithm’ developed by these companies based on demand and supply. Let me point out why they are hypocrites.

These were the same people who used to tear up their clothes and run naked, when asked return fare by auto drivers. “These auto wallas, I tell you. Such bad people. The guy charged me half return (x1.5). The loot I say”. Those were their lines. Now they are justifying Surge Pricing. Just coz auto wallas didn’t pay them to lobby on their behalf and Ola/Uber did. Or maybe because they consider poor auto drivers perfect vehicle to vent their anger and rich taxi aggregators too premium to lambast. Or maybe they have some other convoluted justification.

If they ask for free market then why the smirk when auto unions ask for hike in auto fare? Why smirk when during peak hours auto drivers ask for x1.5 or x2. Don’t they deserve surge pricing? Or is surge pricing only applicable for those having AC cabs.

What more is, I have seen such anger at auto drivers among the so called educated people. As if auto drivers are kings and live in palaces. They are poor people and live in shoddy conditions. But no, they don’t deserve surge pricing. Only AC cabs too.

No doubt cab aggregators have made life simpler for commuters. They provide safety and security. But they should not be allowed cannibalism. First eliminate competition (autos) by making losses/providng free rides and then go for the kill (surge pricing).

I am not against surge pricing as it comes heavy on my pocket. I am against it as it is cannibalism. India has a lot of poor people who live by driving auto rickshaws. We need to protect their livelihood for the sake of humanity.

And remember all the coupons and 6/- per km rides will go away very soon. And when the prices become stable, what will remain are carcasses of auto’s and the surge pricing.

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April 21, 2016 at 12:59 am

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Delhi Management Quota Abolished: Is it really happening?

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managementAll of us berate the management quota in schools/colleges. We know how seats are openly sold under management quota. What do we do? Nothing! Make provision for money so that we can buy seat for our child. Actually we common people can do nothing else.

But now things are changing at least in Delhi. Management Quota has been abolished by Delhi Govt. And what a feel of fresh air it is. I sometimes wonder who let such blatant corruption tool function in the first place. And it is not even a clandestine thing. It happens openly in all schools and colleges by private players.

It might not be good news for the rich, but it sure is good news for common people of Delhi. Hope we create more schools so that need of such corruption ends entirely. Hope other states emulate this too. Next is strengthening Govt. schools to give us a true RTE.

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January 7, 2016 at 11:52 am

बच्चा पहले ही मर गया था

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shakurbastiमेरा बचपन आगरा शहर में बीता है। दिल्ली की कड़ाके की सर्दी क्या होती है, मैंने महसूस करी है। रूह कंपा देती है। जल्द से जल्द घर पहुंचकर रजाई में दुपक जाता था। बेघर लोगो बेचारे ऐसी सर्दी में क्या करते होंगे, बचपन में यह ख़याल कभी नहीं आया। बड़ा होकर पाया की उनमें से काफी लोग, सर्दी में दम तोड़ देते हैं।

जो दिल्ली में हुआ, ऐसा नहीं है की यह पहली बार हुआ है हमारे देश में। ऐसी तोड़फोड़ पहले भी होती रही है जगह खाली कराने के लिए। अतिक्रमण हटाना। मुझे कभी इसका मतलब समझ नहीं आया। यहाँ से भागो, कहीं और जाके मारो। मुझे बस इतना ही समझ आता है।

मुझे दुःख इसलिए ज्यादा है, कि मुझे लगा था की मोदीजी सबसे आगे खड़े होंगे, इन गरीबों को बचाने के लिए।  भारत सरकार ने बोला, “बच्चा पहले ही मर गया था”, तोड़फोड़ बाद में हुई। मान लो २ मिनट की बच्चा पहले मर गया था। तो इससे ज्यादा भीषण रूप कुछ और नहीं हो सकता, कि जिसके घर में मौत हुई, उसका घर उजाड़ा गया।

मैं शर्मसार हूँ, ऐसे तंत्र का हिस्सा होने पे। जमीन तो भगवान ने बनायी थी, कबसे रेलवे की जागीर हो गयी। कौनसे वो बेचारे शौक से  झुग्गी में रहते थे? विकास के नाम पे सबको रौंदते चलो।

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December 14, 2015 at 8:05 pm

Shame to Shame

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Not sure what exactly has gone wrong, but a lot has evidently. It’s not that I am a gullible person but all too sudden double speak by Modi Govt has taken me aback. How the mighty have fallen and continuously do so.

Consider this, Arun Jaitely recently said that indirectly elected Upper House can’t hold the passage of bills and is a threat to democracy. This statement is against the very core of constitution. Upper house represents the states, which under the federal structure is a must. Centre was not envisioned to be all too powerful and states were given rights to decide for themselves. In Centre the Upper House plays this role.

Being the leader of the party in the Upper House, this smacked of all too hypocrisy. Anyways, one could have discounted this as his genuine personal view. But what his party is doing with Delhi Govt. via Lt. Governor is the same. According to BJP, Opposition is not letting elected Govt work. And BJP is not letting elected Delhi Govt work. Shame to Shame.

Hypocrisy, thou art a bitch!

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May 18, 2015 at 9:50 pm

Why BJP lost Delhi?

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More than the AAP victory, I consider this BJP’s loss. Delhi was with Modi and yet somehow it was lost. What happened?

1. 7 month > 1.5 month: BJP kept harping on 49 days AAP Govt but did nothing for Delhi in 7 months they ruled indirectly via Centre.

2. LG the puppet: You would remember BJP people raising hue and cry on AAP for raising fingers on LG. LG is constitutional post. Let LG call us first etc. This used to be the Congress line. People of Delhi saw that and decided to teach them a lesson.

3. Black money: Lethargy over black money. People elected BJP not to form SIT and gloat, they did so that black money is brought back. No out of the box acts by Govt to bring back black money did it in.

4. Communal Tension: Unlike in Lok Sabha election, Hindu vote didn’t get polarized. Attacks on churches, communal statements by BJP leaders and silence of Modi was too much to handle for people.

5. Acche Din: The promise was of instant relief and people wanted just that. Nothing changed on the ground and Modi was not able to communicate to people that he required more time.

6. Arrogance: I wrote recently that arrogance shown by BJP spokespersons was just like the one shown by Congress people in the past. BJP took people for granted in their arrogance.

7. Bad mouthing: Bad mouthing a good man like Kejriwal didn’t help. People were angry with Kejri for running away. But they still considered him a good person. Bad mouthing him like Modi did in Maha, Haryana and Jharkhand was not accepted by people.

8. UPA 3: BJP has started to turn into UPA 3. Crony capitalism continues. Loot of country continues. Kejriwal was able to bring home this point.

9. Bedi: Though not a major reason. Opportunist Bedi drove away whatever voters were left with BJP.

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February 14, 2015 at 6:41 pm

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BJP goes the Cong way

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What is happening in Delhi today saddens me. Horse-trading has been a cruel reality of Indian politics but expectations from Modi era was different.

The anger among youth was the reason for ouster of Cong at the Centre. This anger was largely due to corrupt practices and policies of quid pro quo. BJP seems to have failed the very first test.

“L-G will take his decision. Let us be invited by L-G first”. Such hiding behind the LG/Governors/Presidents back was what Congress did for last 10 years. It was good for TV debates, but the common man was not fooled; given all above constitutional posts toe the Home Ministry.

What BJP has to realize is youth of today is not as patient. We see through the deception. The arrogance that I see today from BJP spokespersons is like a slap on my face. Congress was voted out due to this very arrogance. Sad to see BJP repeating it.

Today’s sting operation was just a formality. Everyone was aware what was happening behind the doors.

We all lapped up to each and every Modi-vachan through elections and beyond. There was a Modi speech on the TV today. I changed the channel.

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September 8, 2014 at 8:49 pm

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