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African Issue: Yes, there is racism, but this is not racism

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racismThe issue of African national getting beaten to death in Delhi, has hampered India’s diplomatic relations with said nations. This has been taken up heavily by Indian media and has been called spate of racist attacks. Indians who have always been on the receiving end of racism worldwide, don’t know how to react. Over the years we have called all white people racist, now what do we do? Most are rejecting the charge; some in opposition are blaming the Govt as usual. So what is it? Are is this racism or is it not? Are we racist or are we not?

Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Yes we are racist, but no current issue is not racism. Indians are born racist. North Indians make fun of color, accent of South Indians. South Indians make fun of North Indians brutish eating and drinking habits. Both North Indians and South Indians make fun of Indians from North east on how they look. The list is endless. It has been engrained in us. But is making fun racist? Yes and No. No in the sense that there is not physical harm, Yes in the sense that it opens up the possibilities of physical harm.

For those who know Delhi, the issue of African nationals is not racism. It is much different. The issue can be attributed to the law and order situation in Delhi. At the risk of being lambasted by PC brigade, let me lay out some facts. A lot of African students study in Delhi University. Most of them live as paying guest or on rent across Delhi. By and large, things are good. So what went wrong?

The issues lie with Delhi Police. There is a big drug racket in Delhi. Handful of African nationals are involved (mostly as drug peddlers). It is an open secret from a number of years. When locals complain to local police, what do the police do? They do nothing. They don’t even register a case. Let alone jail or deportation. Off the record this is what police say, registering a case against foreign national is not that easy. Lots of permissions, lots of follow up. And then there is pressure from ministry that arrest and deportation too harms the potential students and bilateral relations. End result is that the culprits are left with just a warning. And they continue the business unabated.

It’s not just that. When common people try to stop them forcefully, they are lambasted as racist. Which is what happened couple of years back in Malviya Nagar. This roots the hatred against African nationals. Over the years, police apathy and inaction has fueled this anger. Had action been taken against handful of drug peddlers earlier, there would have been no bad blood.

Common people know that police will do nothing. They know if they try to stop such things by force, whole national media will label them racist. So they do nothing but the hatred swells inside. People who don’t live in Delhi, have no right to judge the localites. But still everyone judge them.

The exact details of this case will tumble out in time to come. But some rotten apples among Indians prey on this hatred and take this to extreme level, which happened in this unfortunate incident. By and large I don’t see any more racism against Africans, than there is against South Indians / North East Indians in Delhi. But the inaction of Delhi police and lack of directions from Govt has blown up a simple law and order issue to hatred against African nationals in general.

The resolution is simple. Police need to take action against African nationals found involved in drug trade (there are only handful, and police know them). And also take strictest action against the perpetrators of the murder of the innocent Congolese youth in the current case. You know what, neither of the two will happen.

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June 5, 2016 at 9:26 pm

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Racism: Reverse and Progressive

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A lot has kept us busy as a nation last couple of weeks. CWG, Mohali win and most recently some serious allegations of racism against a few officials from down under.

If I am right, Ministry of External Affairs, India summoned High Commissioners of respective countries and lodged protests. Last I heard the said individuals either resigned or were ousted and rightly so. Such behavior has no place in civilized societies.

Okay, tell me one thing. Has racism sprung up all of a sudden during recent times? The answer would be a no. Racism is a perception which a society or a race developes about contemporary society or race overtime. It’s just that with the advent of Globalization, these days we get to know of it real time. Earlier Lord Ganesha on Chappals was mere fashion for a society that doesn’t know anything about him, Today it is offensive.

Tell me frankly, how many of us think Bhajji did indeed utter “Maa Ki” and not the racist slur. Why then were we as a nation hell bent on seeing Bhajji free of the allegations? Now come ‘on, it had nothing to do with lack of evidence or anything thereof. If such had been the case then all our politicians were saints.

To be frank it’s about who is leveling the allegations. Had the opposite team been Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies or for that matter South Africa, we as a nation might not have backed our player to that extent. Why? Coz we have seen long periods of unabashed Aussie sledging as a reminder of the days of the Raj perhaps.

When a society which has perception of being shamelessly racist, throws up allegations of such sort, it seems rubbing salt in the wound. You gotta handle what you dish out. Right?

But what worries me more is a developing phenomenon, Reverse Racism. In our part of world racism is generally related to prejudice that developed white nations have against us about them being superior. The aspect of racism under which emerging societies like us berate, taunt or create a certain perception about developed nations is what I call Reverse Racism.

When white girls are considered nothing but free meat. Whole society is said to lack values. If it’s not racism, what is it? I was shocked to see in a recent episode of Bigg Boss, a dozen white models in skimpy dresses made to dance with the ousted contestant. Just as his inaam. When the whole crowd enjoys it, it’s not just racism, it’s sadness.

Equally frightening is Progressive Racism. Progressive racism is when slightly more developed race is prejudiced against slightly lesser developed race.

When an African student in Delhi University is called Kaalu. A person from the same region is called Habshi on national TV. When CWG teams from African countries are given step motherly treatment. On daily basis do we see jokes being made on color of skin on TV. “Abey door hat, tu rang chodta hai”. Sab log fair and lovely lagate hain, yeh cherry blossom lagata hai. Abe langoor ke bhai.

I am not trying to be apologetic here, I hate that frankly. But if such progressive and reverse racism continues in our society, we too would lose our moral right to complain. We would just be another hypocrite in the bunch. Do we really want that? It’s bit scary to answer, isn’t it?

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