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Useless Napping debate

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parliament_sleeping.jpgLet’s agree on one thing, it’s not just the media, we all like controversies. Media likes it earn money, we like it for discussion and time pass. What else can explain why we have been discussing “Rahul Gandhi Napping” for last few days, when there are other pressing matters at hand.

I condemn people who create and propagate such worthless controversies. And paid accounts that flood social media with such bull crap. This takes away from the real issues and move towards absurdity. While we should be holding Rahul Gandhi accountable for the plight of Amethi or the disintegration of Congress party, we are stuck with this silly debate. That too a spilt mode pic.

Each and every politician will have a similar split second picture where he or she looks napping. Maybe he is, maybe he is not. The point is that discussion itself is useless. Mere slander. Also it takes the lime light away from serious and real issues.

I did a simple google and found out the collection of similar pics for the many leaders across party lines. Maybe they were napping. Or were just deeply in thought. Who cares. We should debate serious issues and leave the Parliament aside with such trivialities.

Written by arpitgarg

July 21, 2016 at 3:27 pm

Congress, Rahul Gandhi and Ramu Kaka Syndrome

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ramukakaI don’t have political leaning as such to any side. I have admired Congress, BJP, and AAP at different times due to their actions and also berated all of them, again for their actions. Also I have don’t have any mumblings about people’s ideology whether it is right, left or center.

At present times, at least among the people I meet, I find number of BJP supporters, AAP supporters. Congress supporters are getting fewer day by day and are therefore hard to find. Still whatever Congress supporter I come across, I always ask this one question.

“It’s okay that you support Congress’s secular ideology. It’s okay that you cheer for the party. But how can you support Rahul Gandhi?” A lot of times I get a smile to this question. I would like to explain why I ask this.

The same question I ask the so called rationalists to justify the rationale behind supporting Rahul Gandhi. Please explain me and I will be indebted to you. For me those who support Rahul Gandhi represent the people who support dynastic politics. People with “Ramu Kaka” mentality. Classic Ramu Kaka from Bollywood films. He will serve the Maalik with utmost loyalty and then serve Maalik’s son. He will call him Chote Huzoor. Now Ramu Kaka is genuine in his devotion towards the family of his Maalik.

I feel Rahul Gandhi sympathizers, suffering from Ramu Kaka syndrome. They are loyal to Nehru family. They will serve Chote Huzoor no matter what. They don’t do it for salary alone; they do it as they have to. They can’t help it.

I know most of the population supported Indira/Rajeev due to the same syndrome. But a lot of time has passed since. India has evolved. Social media has brought hypocrisies of Media and loyalties of Ramu Kaka’s out in the open. People have become smarter now. I am sure in times to come; such Ramu Kaka’s will get less and less in number.

I just have this to say, any self respecting individual can’t be a Ramu Kaka. Maalik and his family will prosper while your son will grow up to become another Ramu Kaka. Spine up, if not for yourself, then at least for your children.

Written by arpitgarg

November 2, 2015 at 7:47 pm

BJP confers Bharat Ratna on Rahul Gandhi

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It was being discussed in power circles over last week or so. With the outcome of assembly results of Jharkhand and J&K, it has been made official. BJP Govt has decided to confer Bharat Ratna on Rahul Gandhi.

The sense of adulation towards Rahul is profound within BJP. Earlier in the media name of Atal Bihari Vajpayee was doing rounds for this award. When asked, BJP spoke person had this to say, “No doubt Atalji, Advaniji laid the foundation of our party. However it was Rahul who has worked hardly and helped BJP achieve glorious heights today. We wouldn’t be grateful enough if we ignore his contribution to our party and the nation. Without Rahul’s statements and lack of charisma, Modiji might not have become PM and driven hard the development agenda. Rahul is apple of nation’s eyes.”

Congress was quick to issue a defense. “Conferring Bharat Ratna on Rahul is a joke. What has he done? Other than to systemically eradicate Congress and propel BJP back to power. This is a vicious attempt by BJP to placate people faithful to them. We condemn it right, left and center.”

Rahul Gandhi was too happy to say anything. When prodded for a statement, he said, “Bharat Ratna is a state of mind. In my mind I am Global Ratna. Globe at my house has Bharat also. So I was already Bharat Ratna. However it feels nice to get that ribbon and pendant. Nice design I say”.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and should be taken with humor.

Written by arpitgarg

December 24, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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