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This is one of my first poems. Wrote it long time back.
During the phase when students bear huge burden of expectations on their back.

Why the life is so heavy,
Like an encumbrance to levy.
Challenges pouring in every hour,
Like thorns of a rose flower.
Which smells good,
But stings like wood.
Pressure building on all sides.
Not a moment to lay beside.
Like a complicated preparation of glycene,
With everyone so keen,
To uncover the unseen.
I think how good it had been,
If worries were not known and I with my fairy queen,
Striding along the path of my life,
Free from all strife.
No feeling to outshine others,
But a mind to follow,
And sooth others like a pillow.
With feeling of communism,
Sounding everywhere like,

Written by arpitgarg

January 31, 2010 at 7:42 am

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