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I get why Arnab did what he did.

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arnab_gowami.jpgArnab Goswami has quit. I have been away from blogging for couple of months. But the suddenity of this news, made me come back out of the exile. People are having/will have different reactions to the story. For a lot, Newshour@9 was like a much needed fix and they are bound to have withdrawal symptoms. The much competitive news space will bring cheers to the rivals, led by News18 and IndiaToday.

I read a post at FirstPost, a right wing digital print of News18. The writer (Bikram Vohra) was puzzled as to the motives of Arnab. Did he do it for more money, ambition? The writer speculated that Arnab will fail just like Oprah, Joey and inc. Well first all Mr. Vohra, you will not get it yet. Maybe down the line, but not at present. Right now your ambitions might be to write to more articles for your employer, get more fame, get more money and maybe get a studio show(Or something similar). For a lot of us (you and me both), what Arnab has achieved would be the pinnacle of all what we wish to achieve.

In that sense your article makes sense. Your article is bang on for mediocres but not for pioneers like Arnab. Your article might be true for majority of normal people (who are good people), but not for the leaders (who are few). You quoted few examples who fell but at least they dared to jump. There are a lot more who would have fallen and a few who would have flown.

Mr. Vohra, for a mediocre like you (and me), making sense of Arnab might be tough. After all he left the job that was your (and mine) ultimate dream. What more could he want, you ask? The world, he answers. His contemporaries envied him, they would envy him some more. I get why Arnab did what he did. Hope down the line you get it too.

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November 2, 2016 at 11:15 am

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Arnab Goswami is de-facto lead journalist now

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arnabgoswami.jpgI have been open about my views on Arnab Goswami. I hate his over the top approach which is driven by TRP’s rather than ideology. That he has taken yellow journalism to its darkest shade is something which I don’t like. But what I admire about him is he is not biased and caged by his political leanings. For him TRP’s come first, rest all is second. Hence he remains equally harsh on all political parties and leaders, unlike other well known journalists who are shamelessly biased towards Congress or BJP or Left.

I believed he was journalist in an English News Channel, which has limited audience in India and hence does not represent the popular view. For me he represented the view which urban elites liked to hear and hence provide TRP’s. Well let me admit I was right and I was wrong. I was right in saying he has urban elites as his audience, but what I failed to grasp was, these very people are the ones that define policies. His audience comprises of top notch of society. Judges, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers. His audience comprises of influential people, who lead the society.

When I say Arnab has a small audience, I mean in number as compared to 130 cr population. In comparison to other English News channels, his audience is obviously more.

Couple of incidents happened that made me realize the import of what Arnab and his audience represents. A judge recently appointed a lawyer to a case after he saw that lawyer in a Panel discussion on Newshour. How I came to know was, that same lawyer thanked Arnab for inviting him and getting him noticed. He did that on live TV during a subsequent discussion.

The next major thing was Narendra Modi interview. That an astute politician like Modi decided to give his first Indian interview as PM to Arnab speaks volumes of the strength of Arnab’s audience. The audience which is less in number but lists the Who’s who of Indian society. Arnab is right when he says he sets Nations News Agenda on Newshour. Everyone else just plays catch up.

For most elites of Mumbai/Delhi, news is what happens 9-11 PM on TimesNow. Arnab is the pied piper of urban India.

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June 28, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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Sad reality behind ‘huge’ Arnab Goswami viewership

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arnab.jpgWhoever has watched Times Now, would be familiar with the Arnab’s rhetoric about Newshour being the most watched News Show. Indeed it is. But there is a sad reality hidden behind.

Newshour is the most watched English News Debate show. However the number the people watching this show is not more than 5-6 lacs in reality. It’s just that out of other such shows this is the most watched. Hindi News shows have more than 10 times viewership. Why is this show hailed then?

For most of the part it is his self advertising, telling about how great the show is. How big the crusader he is. And sad part is the per capita income difference between English speaking and non-English speaking Indian’s is too high. More so with people who have subscribed to such English News Channels.

It’s the per capita of his viewers which is high. Not the number of viewers. The much celebrated status and high advertisement rate of Times Now is much due to the economic divide that India faces today. Less people are More rich. More people are Less rich.

In our society since poor people don’t have much money, they don’t have much purchasing power. Which in turn eliminates them from potential TV viewer list. No TV channel wants people to see their show, if they don’t have money to buy products advertised. It’s the game of money.

Hype of TimesNow and Arnab Goswami is due to the purchasing power of his viewers. Who are less in quantity but more in monetary terms. This should not be much of a surprise given Top 1% owns more than 50% of wealth in India.

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March 9, 2016 at 3:26 pm

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