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Arnab Goswami is de-facto lead journalist now

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arnabgoswami.jpgI have been open about my views on Arnab Goswami. I hate his over the top approach which is driven by TRP’s rather than ideology. That he has taken yellow journalism to its darkest shade is something which I don’t like. But what I admire about him is he is not biased and caged by his political leanings. For him TRP’s come first, rest all is second. Hence he remains equally harsh on all political parties and leaders, unlike other well known journalists who are shamelessly biased towards Congress or BJP or Left.

I believed he was journalist in an English News Channel, which has limited audience in India and hence does not represent the popular view. For me he represented the view which urban elites liked to hear and hence provide TRP’s. Well let me admit I was right and I was wrong. I was right in saying he has urban elites as his audience, but what I failed to grasp was, these very people are the ones that define policies. His audience comprises of top notch of society. Judges, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers. His audience comprises of influential people, who lead the society.

When I say Arnab has a small audience, I mean in number as compared to 130 cr population. In comparison to other English News channels, his audience is obviously more.

Couple of incidents happened that made me realize the import of what Arnab and his audience represents. A judge recently appointed a lawyer to a case after he saw that lawyer in a Panel discussion on Newshour. How I came to know was, that same lawyer thanked Arnab for inviting him and getting him noticed. He did that on live TV during a subsequent discussion.

The next major thing was Narendra Modi interview. That an astute politician like Modi decided to give his first Indian interview as PM to Arnab speaks volumes of the strength of Arnab’s audience. The audience which is less in number but lists the Who’s who of Indian society. Arnab is right when he says he sets Nations News Agenda on Newshour. Everyone else just plays catch up.

For most elites of Mumbai/Delhi, news is what happens 9-11 PM on TimesNow. Arnab is the pied piper of urban India.

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June 28, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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वो रात

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बहुत दिनों चली आंखों-२ में बात,
आज हो गयी सच में मुलाक़ात,
बहाने मिले, न ढूँढने पड़े,
तभी थे आमने सामने खड़े।

वो आई कपड़े पहनकर गुलाबी,
उसके कजरारे नैन लग रहे शराबी,
बड़ी मासूमियत से मुखवाणी निकाली,
है उसकी जुल्फें या घटा काली-काली।

आज लग रही वो सम्पूर्ण नारी,
पांडू के बाद हाय मेरी मती हारी,
कामदेव का बाण चल ही गया,
सारा संसार लगने लगा नया।

होने लगी पुष्प की वर्षा,
बजने लगी प्रेम की त्रिवेणी,
इतने दिनों का इंतज़ार,
कर रहा था हमें जार-जार।

लगा था जैसे बीती हों सदियाँ,
बहने दो आज स्नेह की नदियाँ
बंधे सारे तार, झुके सारे नैन,
दिल को करार औ हृदय को चैन।

दो जिस्म एक हो ही गए,
दोनों के नयन भी एक हुए,
उसके गाल पर काला तिल,
बन ही गया हमारा दिल।।

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September 10, 2014 at 5:38 pm

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न भूल सका

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पहली बार जो तुझको देखा था,
शरमाई औ सकुचाई सी थी,
कुछ डरी औ कुछ घबराई सी थी,
भूला मैं यह सब कुछ, न भूल सका,
बस तेरे चेहरे पर आती हुई वो लट|

बच रही थी तू मुझसे, कौन है यह?
शायद कुछ ज्यादा ही उतावला था मैं,
तिर्छी निगाहों से वैसे, देख रही थी तू,
भूला मैं यह सब कुछ, न भूल सका,
बस तेरी वो पहली नश्तर सी हँसी|

दो घंटे इंतज़ार करवाया था तूने,
पहली बार मिले थे जब हम तुम,
ऐसी नादान बन रही थी तू, क्या कहता,
भूला मैं यह सब कुछ, न भूल सका,
बस तेरी वो बिंदी जो कुछ टेढ़ी थी|

लम्बी लम्बी बातें तेरी, नहीं ख़त्म,
जो होती थी, पक-पक पक-पक तेरी,
न जाने कब अच्छी लगने लगी थी,
भूला मैं यह सब कुछ, न भूल सका,
बस तेरा वो तकिया-कलाम, हाय|

निगाहों का नशा तेरा, रिश्ता मेरा,
तेरा रूठना, मनाना मेरा, पल छिन,
वो प्यार से तेरा मुझ पे मुक्के बरसना,
भूला मैं यह सब कुछ, न भूल सका,
बस तेरी वो आखों की सरफरोशी|

तेरा मेरे पास आना, दूर जाना, सताना,
रोकना मुझे, प्यार बरसना, कतराना,
तेरे नखरे सहना, तुझे कुछ न कहना,
भूला मैं यह सब कुछ, न भूल सका,
बस वो सारे ख्वाब जो तेरे नाम किये||

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July 11, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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Why do we Celebrate Birthdays?

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Like always, I threw a party for my friends this birthday. We celebrated, ate, I got gifts et al. This year was different though. I turned 25; a quarter of my life gone. According to a legend, man lives total of four lives. First 25 years “life of a human” when he enjoys, next 25 years “life of a bull”, when he works like hell, next 25 years “life of a dog”, when he barks and no one listens to him. And the last 25 years “life of an owl” when he is awake at night and listens to everyone without his own existence.

Accordingly I am done living the enjoyment part of my life. During early years of my life I used to wait eagerly for this day. New clothes, gifts, money. As fate should have it, I started falling ill on my birthdays regularly. At the age of 8 my Grandma decided enough is enough, no more celebrations. “Logaun ki nazar lag jaati hai chore ko”.

From that day, I avoided opulent celebrations, a tradition which I have carried on since. It has been just a few close friends, raising a toast and a small cake cutting; personal and close. Inadvertently I have moved on from opulence to sobriety.

I often wonder why we celebrate birthdays at all. When and how the tradition started? It could not have started before the advent of calendars, right? We just celebrated birth and death prior to that. At birth God gifts life, at death God takes it away. Both events take us closer to God. Hence the celebrations.

During winters, days get smaller, and as summer approaches they start getting bigger. Early people thus considered advent of summers as rebirth of Sun. This was among the first annual birthday celebrations by man. When calendars came into existence the same was applied to birth of the son (sun, Jesus) and effectively to every human being.

So what does birthday celebrations signify during our modern times? Are we celebrating the coming year, are we celebrating the accomplishments of the past year, are we celebrating surviving yet another year?

If we are celebrating the future life, than with each passing year, we have less and less reasons to celebrate. So should a septuagenarian celebrate any less than a guy in his twenties? If the answer is no, then one thing is quite clear that we are not celebrating the future life.

Are we celebrating the past year? But why? The past is past. It is gone. It is a like the sand which has dropped out of the hand. It is like the wind that has passed. We could have admired it as it was happening but why should we celebrate the past. Though we often raise a toast to the past years accomplishments during the party, it’s just a filler.

Since we move one year closer to death, we are for sure not celebrating the gift of life. Coz we are one step closer to that gift being taken away. It will be a delusional stunt of defying death if that is what we are celebrating.

What I feel is that birthdays are just a timely reminder of our existence in this vulnerable world. It’s a way by which we feel ourselves. We realize our existence. “Look, I am still here, despite what life has thrown at me. It’s just another way to celebrate who we are and where we have come from. It’s just another way to announce ourselves.


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बड़े जोश से चले निकल के,
नन्हे माँ के लाल रे|
मन में जैसे उछल रहे थे,
बन्दर डाल डाल रे||

स्कूल से जाना था कॉलेज,
फुदक रही थी चाल रे|
हृदय में थी नयी उमंगें,
खोजेंगे जल ताल रे||

कॉलेज का था एक हॉस्टल,
कमरे थे बेहाल रे|
देख उनको बुद्धि ठनकी,
आया घर का ख्याल रे||

घूर रहे थे सभी सीनिअर,
होठ थे उनके लाल रे|
सोच रहे थे आया मुर्गा,
रैगिंग ले ही डाल रे||

पुछा नाम पता frequency,
हुए शर्म से ला रे|
पकड़ के ले गए नाई के,
कटवाए हमारे बाल रे||

फिर चला चल चित्र का दौर,
इज्जत ली निकाल रे|
Superman हमें बनाया,
He-man बनकर किया धमाल रे||

गर्ल्स हॉस्टल के चक्कर लगवाए,
क्या क्या सवाल न हमसे पुछवाये|

चवन्नी अठन्नी थी हमने निकाली,
हस हस के बेहाल रे|
दुपक रहे थे हम कमरों में,
सीना अन्दर दाल रे||

धीरे धीरे थी बात खुली,
पूरी तस्वीर थी साफ़ धुली,
वो तो सिर्फ एक मुखौटा था,
सच्चाई से कुछ छोटा था||

पूरा परिदृश्य ही बदल गया,
हॉस्टल लगने लगा नया,
सब सीनिअर अपने दोस्त बने,
साथ में मौज मस्ती करे,
P.D.P तो एक बहाना था,
सबको नजदीक जो आना था||

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May 13, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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