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Things I love/hate about Anna Hazare

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  1. I hate that he makes me feel corrupt. He tries to wake up my conscience. He makes me uncomfortable. He irks me.
  2. I love that he does not contest elections and hold legislative posts. Scared if he becomes PM.
  3. I hate the fact that he brainwashes today’s youth into believing that corruption is a bad thing.
  4. I love when he goes on fast and his health deteriorates. Good Riddance.
  5. I hate that his crusade will take off food from plates of corrupt people like me.
  6. I love that people like him are not selected for constitutional posts in our country. Who would bear a lokayukta like him?
  7. I hate that my dream of owning a black money account in Swiss bank will remain a dream because of him.
  8. I love the fact that he is old.
  9. I hate that his legacy will continue forcing me to answer to laws of the land for corruption.


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एक अनजान सा वो चेहरा,
जुल्फ तले है घना अँधेरा,
देर रात देता है दस्तक,
नींद में ली अंगड़ाई है,
छाया है मदमस्त हो यौवन,
नयी छठा बिखरी घर आँगन,
पर कौन है वो जो रोक है देता,
मेरा वो साहिल से मिलन,
हुआ है पहले, हो के रहेगा,
इंतज़ार का सिला मिलेगा,
कौनसी होगी ना जाने वो बेला,
जब नैया पर लग जायेगी,
पर है विश्वास इतना बस मुझको,
कि वो मधुर घडी जल्द ही आएगी।

Written by arpitgarg

December 28, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Posted in Hindi, Love, Poetry

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