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8 Things Every Guy must Learn from Pyar Ka Punchnama 2

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1. Whenever the girl cites parental pressure for not marrying the boyfriend, she never would marry a 50K earning man which her father finds, if her boyfriend earns 2lac. No, she would wait till her father finds a 2lac or more earning groom for her. So much for parental pressure.

2. When you say Sorry, the girl is not content. “Do you know why you are Sorry”, “You don’t even know why you are Sorry” are her next statements. Come ‘on, I am saying Sorry for the thing we were just fighting about. How hard can it be?

3. “Where do you find such guys who are best friends with a girl, who is in relationship with another guy? Who makes such best friends?” Everything is platonic with them. Kiss, Hug, probably even s*x. At the end of the movie it is aptly shown that such best friends are nothing but a backup.

4. “I always split bills. It is non-negotiable for me”. Every time you pay, she would say, “Remind me to pay you back”. But she would never pay back. Her only issues will be about the money you spend when you are with your friends. “Your friends, they take advantage of you”. Irony is the girl is the one taking the utmost advantage.

5. A hint of financial instability, and she would be through the roof. If you want to do anything of your own, you can expect next to nil support from her. “Don’t I have any say?”, If you say Yes, then she would ask you to shelve your dreams and continue with the job, that you don’t want to. If you say No, then she would get a reason to make your life miserable.

6. She would spare no time to throw, “Lets Break up” on your face. Just for the fun of it and playing with your emotions. Something like, “to teach you a lesson”. So that you go crawling on your feet, begging and apologizing.

7. She would never agree with anything you try and explain. Same thing, if her friends and colleagues would explain, she would get it in an instant. You would always be the wrong one.

8. She knew she never would marry you against her parent’s wishes and her parents would never agree. Still for years she would use you for fun, shopping and time pass. She also needs some enjoyment till she gets married. “I know I don’t have entire life with you, have only few months. I would like you spend those few months with you. I want to”. She would not spare a moment, telling the police that you drugged her and molested her. Under parental pressure of course.

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October 21, 2015 at 3:06 pm

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जीवन जीना क्या है

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कुछ दिन से सोच रहा था कि लिख डालूँ,
आते आते हाथ पे बात रुक जाती थी पर,
कुछ खट्टे मीठे अनुभव हुए हाल में,
उनसे मैंने जाना, जीवन जीना क्या है|

गर उस रोज़ सड़क से मैं गुजरा न होता,
मौत को अपनी बाहों में सिमटा न होता,
खून का रंग लाल कभी जान न पाता,
मृत्यु क्या होती अकाल पहचान न पाता|

उस दिन गर मैं भूखा सोया न होता,
करवट बदल बदल तडपा रोया न होता,
बेकारी क्या होती है, चुभ न पाती,
पी कर पानी भी डकार कभी न आती|

उस दिन उस कुकुर ने नोचा न होता,
मैंने अगर उसे गुस्से से दुत्कारा  न होता,
पता न चल पाता कि अपना होता क्या है,
दुलार दुत्कार में अंतर न कभी मैं पाता|

उस दिन उस पीड़ित को गर छोड़ा न होता,
कराह कि आह को कभी महसूस न पाता,
धूप छाँव पैसे से जो सब एक हुई थी, बदली,
पैरों के छाले क्या होते मैंने आखिर जाना|

सन्नाटे की आहट से मैं गुजरा न होता,
उस सर्द भरी रात में गर ठिठुरा न होता,
नंग, ठण्ड की तपन से मैं वाकिफ न होता,
पल पल लुटने के डर से सहमा न होता|

पर जो कुछ भी हो, आग से गुजर के देखा,
बिन खडाऊं के काटों पर चलकर देखा,
गहरे पानी में सांसों की तड़प को देखा ,
औ चक्की के दो पाटों में पिसकर देखा|

कुछ दिन से सोच रहा था कि लिख डालूँ,
आते आते हाथ पे बात रुक जाती थी पर,
कुछ खट्टे मीठे अनुभव हुए हाल में,
उनसे मैंने जाना, जीवन जीना क्या है||

Written by arpitgarg

February 19, 2012 at 1:26 pm

Same Same but Different

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Last night I had this amazing dream. I woke up at night with lights flashing all over. A man with big mustache and vintage golden dress was standing tall, over me, and laughing loud. “Wake up, you lazy bugger, Wake up”. Sleepy and startled, my first reaction was to blame it on the overdose of Vodka that night. But soon the gravity of the situation or can I say the lack of it dawned on me. Aaj toh lag gayi Mamu!

He told me I was dead. Died of a certain Gastropathic attack. Gas! Couldn’t it have been something legendary?  Like being attacked by flying dragons while jumping of a plane which collided with a UFO. Leave it.  I died of Gas alright.

Here I was, one moment trying to realize my dreams, my future and the very next facing the shock of my demise. My whole life flashed before my eyes. Family, Friends, Future. What now? I begged, pleaded with my soul transporter. Let me live to make things work, make things right.

It’s hard to say that it was my lucky day, given that I just died. But he took pity to me which clearly didn’t seem to match his M.O.  “There’s one condition though”, said he. “Here it comes” “Give me a reason to let You live.  Hey it’s easy, “I have so much left to do in my life. Get married. Make a career. Have kids”. He gave me a smile. “You don’t seem to get my question. Why should I let You and not some other person, live”

I was just an answer away. Given that I have been writing exams all my life, it shouldn’t have been that difficult. But believe you me, however hard I tried, I couldn’t get an answer.

Have you ever thought? Trying to make a mark in life, a place for ourselves, we have ended up being clones of each other. Lost that very individuality that we have been craving for, fighting for. When I look outside my apartment all I see is blinking stars. Only they are not stars, they are other apartments. We are all boxed up. All flats look same. All work looks same. All roads look same. All blokes look same. How is my life any different to my fellow men?

Well, it only seems logical that we all be same. The funda of evolution revolves around learning and surviving. We learn from others, grab the best of all and apply to our lives. Thereby becoming a hybrid.

With the advent of cut throat competition, this cloning process has only hastened. Don’t you remember your mother/wife saying, “Pados waale Sharma ji jo TV laaye hain humein bhi wohi chaiye” Or a kid crying that he wants the new Play station which his friends have. You covet other mans wife, car, house, life.

If we look at it the other way round, “What’s the problem in being clones” After all we are all born humans. Same at birth. Same creator. Same creation. Why is the need to be different? Just that it doesn’t seem all that right to be part of a monotonous system. It just seem what can I say, unnatural.

The similarity doesn’t end with the lives we tread; it follows us to our grave. However hard we have tried to make our post-death ceremonies different, the truth is, after a certain point, nothing but dust remains.

Anyhow, I was not able to answer the question of the big mustached guy. Good that it was just a dream. Am not sure what I had done for real.  Not even sure I really do care to be all that distinctive. I might try now and then, something out of the blue to be different. Might also be successful at that for a while. Till someone decides to catch up and steal my thunder of course.

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