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As we grow up, we imbibe what we see around. Our beliefs, our personality are a sum total of what we gather over the formative years from people we meet. A part of it also comes from our own cognitive makeup, where we accept, reject, and modify what is thrown to us. This is what makes an individual.

In various chunks of our life, we meet certain people; stay at a particular place before moving on to new place and new people. School/College/Changing Jobs. All these make up the said chunks in our life. We try and adjust to our surroundings as we see them; we try and adjust to people as we meet them. This is what we call acclimatization.

Sometime what happens is we try and adjust too much, as our fears get better of us. Fear of not being accepted, fear of being out casted, fear of being ridiculed. These fears start shaping our personality from then on. Sometimes it’s not even fear, it’s just that we are short on confidence, so we try and blend in and follow without asking.

What we don’t realize is it’s affecting our individuality. It might make our stay in the current chunk feel better, but it jeopardizes the upcoming chunks in our life. Due to our fears we make certain compromises and pay for these compromises all our life.

For example when we are in college, we do a lot of things due to peer pressure. Drink, Smoke, Career choices are few of such things. What we don’t realize is the peer group that we are succumbing too, is just for the current chunk of our life, it won’t stay with us forever, but the choices we make due to it, will haunt us for life.

It’s important to use our cognitive machinery a lot more while imbibing from our surroundings. Always think of long term impact of our choices. Never ever do things to please others. Let them take a hike.

Written by arpitgarg

July 10, 2013 at 3:07 pm

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