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Aloo Paratha and Achaar

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Whenever I travelled long, my Mom used to pack me Aloo Paratha and achaar. This custom has continued ever since. Aloo Paratha has become synonymous with my travel.

I could be seen muching away Paratha at airports, railway stations, in trains, planes, buses. Over last 5 years or so, I have travelled a lot and hence a lot of Aloo Paratha memories.

What is is about Aloo Paratha, I wonder. The taste? The longevity? The travel worthiness? Longevity not  so much as after a day or so during travel the aloo stuffing become stale and bad. Then what?
I think the key here is that no dish is required along with it. Just apply a touch of achaar, roll it up and voilà, the food is ready. Also its easy to pack, no curry. A dry food and yet aloo inside make it not so dry. Its cheap too. Just Aloo and flour.

Whatever it may be, Nothing makes my journey complete like a burp which smells of Aloo Paratha.

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January 26, 2015 at 1:40 pm

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Thank You Jet Airways: Flash Sale

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I would like to thank Jet Airways. Long time passed since I met my college friends. Given that we all get artificially busy in our lives; it has become impossible to meet albeit in the virtual world.

The recent flash sale by few airlines including Jet Airways gave me reason to meet. Not that flights tickets are too expensive but flash sale was the last push I needed. I booked the tickets and off I went to Bengaluru.

It was just for the weekend but a weekend that washed away 3 years of stillness. Three idiots from college met and talked and talked and talked for a long time. Although I don’t agree with the attritional pricing of airlines that result in huge losses, but without that I might not have travelled at all.

I could have met few other friends while I was there, but it all got lost in the excitement and the 5km walk that I was subjected too. My legs are still paining, but all in good measure.

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November 12, 2014 at 6:09 pm

Top 5 Modern Means of Tension

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1. E.M.I.
Works on the principle of “spending before earning”. A family tragedy, some urgency can cause us to default on EMI’s, which is followed up by goons at our doorsteps. Since we have already spent the money there is no options but to keep paying the EMI’s. This destroys the basic premise of happy living, “Live within your means”.
2. Extensive Travel
Globalization has its demerits. Urban lifestyle involves extensive air travel for business purposes. Many people are forced to live out of their suitcases. This adds extreme pressure. Jet lag becomes an addiction and tension keeps accumulating like anything.
3. Career to Choose
A son of a potter became a potter. There was nothing like, “Choosing a Career”. It has become a modern demon which destroys much of our early life and by the time we settle on a particular career, we find out we don’t like it any bit. The grumbling stays on eating into our peace.
4. Power/Water cuts
Sans the concept of power or water distribution, people didn’t have to deal with the cuts. Water was taken right out of lakes and oil lamps were used for light. The modern society is so dependent on power and water supply that frequent cuts (demand-supply), leaves us irritated.
5. Marriage on rocks
Marriage was a lifelong bond and concept of divorce was not known. These days tension created by divorce, court case, heart break is too much to handle. Good were the days when society chose a match for you and you lived ever together.

…to follow: Top 5 Modern Means to Ease Tension

Smell of blood

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Chukk…Chukk…Chukk…Chukk…Thud!…Silence…Realization…Rush…Bachao…Bachao…Wait…Relief… Compensation…Chukk…Chukk…Chukk…Chukk

If one asks you, how many train mishaps took place in the country last month? You wouldn’t be able to answer, leave aside naming the trains involved. Like most other Indians, I am a regular train traveler and a keen one too. Even amidst the stats of two accidents taking place daily, neither do I change my travel plans, quiet frankly, nor can I afford to.

Only when it hits you close enough that you come to feel it. A train rammed into another during the heavy fog. I read the news and turned the page over as routine. It’s only when I found out that a dear friend of mine was on the same train that I became anxious. Now he is a guy who is least bit affected by such things. “These things happen”, is his attitude. But something he experienced that day forced him to change his outlook. A newfound respect for life, perhaps. He wouldn’t admit this, so no point drooling over.

According to him a real accident site is nothing that we witness in movies and quite far from the well shot clips that run through news channels. The sense of shock can’t be explained. It’s the state of cluelessness. It takes time to gather the composure. You fear to get down at first, not knowing if it’s a terrorist attack, an accident or some alien invasion. Such is the mental state. People start reciting Holy Scriptures.

If you are the one who would get down to take stock of the situation, you might see some smoke and dust at the rear of the train. The closer you get to the injured bogies, the more anxious you become. The smell of dust and sand gets strong and so does the crowd. You come near the huddle where people are trying to help the injured. You sense a smell which is intoxicatingly nauseating. What is this smell? You wonder. It strikes you just as you near an overturned and smashed bogey. It’s the smell of fresh human blood and raw human meat.

You see a wailing mother whose child is stuck inside. You can’t help her. You are struck by a feeling of sheer helplessness. There are scenes you would have never wished to see. Somewhat similar to the ones you might have heard from doctors working in emergency ward. The ripped open stomach, cracked bone, crushed skull and hanging leg (only leg and nothing else). All this and the intoxicating smell. The head feels dizzy.

You witness a whole new world. Everyone becomes a family; tries to save as many lives as possible. Consolations…Water…Medicines are collected from everybody aboard. Anyone who had had a doctor in the family becomes one today.  And Ah! no help from the authorities still. You see a bogey which is crushed to half with no way to pull the people out. Near it, you see a person, who in lieu of helping, try to pickpocket the unconscious and you feel no strength to confront him.

When the help arrives, you find the authorities helping the AC coaches first followed by reserved ones followed by general ones. The worst part of it is that nobody cares. Such deeply engraved is the class system into our psyches that we don’t see any wrong in what is being done. Neither do AC coach people feel embarrassed, nor do general coach people complain. Within few hours the train departs.

Witnessing death from that close tends to turn you towards faith. You vow to enjoy each and every second of your life from then on. After sometime you forget and it becomes a part of your documented memory.

Written by arpitgarg

January 27, 2010 at 2:48 pm

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