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Is it really the change?

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“Post marriage everything changes. People change. Things which were once liked become irritating. The childishness which used to be kinky turns into advice of getting matured. Promises get broken, love dissipates. Pillows which were used for fights start defining the boundaries. Relationship becomes sour.”

We all would have heard such lines, haven’t we? What’s the story behind? I don’t believe that core of a person can change after a certain age. During the formative years yes, but not post that. So what’s this change that people talk about?

Sometimes expectations on which a relationship is built are not met post marriage leading to the issues. Broadly speaking there are two types of love. Based on Thrust and Based on Trust. Let’s take them one by one.

Love Based on Thrust
When we meet somebody, find the person attractive, we try to woo him/her. Boys would laugh at girls’ jokes, no matter how pathetic they are. They would go all out to make her believe they are they for her no matter what. The gifts, the roses, the promises are all thrusted in to design a make believe world of dreams. Never was the laughter real, never was the care from the heart, never did the gifts hold any meaning, never were the promises made to be kept.

Girls would meet boys all dressed up, looking attractive. Would portray that she likes him just the way he is, with all the goods and ills. Possessiveness is considered to be endless love. When he spends loads of money, she likes it. Later the dressing up stops. She starts to dislike the ills which she never liked in the first place. The possessiveness becomes engulfing and unbearable. The guy is just a spendthrift now.

Love Based on Trust
Love based on trust is a bit tricky. Mostly this is without any explicit proposal. It takes time. Often there was no great initial kick. Never was a need to impress, no pressure to be presentable. No pretentions, nothing. There were no promises made under false pretext to be broken. All gifts had some meaning. The laughter was real, the zeal was real. Everything was shared without fear. Neither of them pretended and hence no change perceived later.

Basically it’s not the change; it’s just that the real person comes to fore, which is never rosy. Be true to one and to each other. Remove that extra ‘h’ from thrust and have some trust.

A Mad Kitten

Written by arpitgarg

October 6, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Top 5 Modern Means of Tension

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1. E.M.I.
Works on the principle of “spending before earning”. A family tragedy, some urgency can cause us to default on EMI’s, which is followed up by goons at our doorsteps. Since we have already spent the money there is no options but to keep paying the EMI’s. This destroys the basic premise of happy living, “Live within your means”.
2. Extensive Travel
Globalization has its demerits. Urban lifestyle involves extensive air travel for business purposes. Many people are forced to live out of their suitcases. This adds extreme pressure. Jet lag becomes an addiction and tension keeps accumulating like anything.
3. Career to Choose
A son of a potter became a potter. There was nothing like, “Choosing a Career”. It has become a modern demon which destroys much of our early life and by the time we settle on a particular career, we find out we don’t like it any bit. The grumbling stays on eating into our peace.
4. Power/Water cuts
Sans the concept of power or water distribution, people didn’t have to deal with the cuts. Water was taken right out of lakes and oil lamps were used for light. The modern society is so dependent on power and water supply that frequent cuts (demand-supply), leaves us irritated.
5. Marriage on rocks
Marriage was a lifelong bond and concept of divorce was not known. These days tension created by divorce, court case, heart break is too much to handle. Good were the days when society chose a match for you and you lived ever together.

…to follow: Top 5 Modern Means to Ease Tension

Hopes and Ropes

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Written by arpitgarg

May 10, 2011 at 3:07 pm

शादी मुबारक हो दोस्त!

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बात उन दिनों की है,
जब बेफिक्री का आलम था,
फ़ालतू थे, वक़्त नहीं कम था,
संग में छड़ी थी वो सीड़ियाँ,
संग में लिया था पहला कदम|
वो पहला कश, वो पहला जाम,
वो चुराया हुआ पल, वो अधूरा काम,
संग में छेड़ी थी कुडियां,
संग में डाला था दाना,
वो देना सफायियाँ, नया बहाना|
हर दिन नयी कसम,
बस आज से पढ़ेंगे,
नया अध्याय, शुरू करेंगे,
और वही हर बार का काम,
दिन को लुक्खागिरी, रात को जाम|
वो संपादकीय लेख,
वो अपनी धौंस जमाना,
देख लेंगे साले को, अगला लेख उस पे,
पता नहीं है पंगा लिया है किस से,
साथ-साथ थे, इसलिए सब कर गए,
वरना यही कहते कि, ‘… लग गए’|
वो पालतू बिल्ली जो थी,
आज भी याद आती है,
बिलोंटा देखते ही,
उसकी चीख निकल जाती थी|
संग में मिलकर दुनिया को गालियाँ दी,
अलग-अलग शहर चले गए,
नज़र लग गयी उसी ज़माने की|
तू अब नयी ज़िन्दगी शुरू करने जा रहा है,
बहुत खुश हूँ दोस्त तेरे लिए,
तू सलामत रहे यही दुआ करूंगा,
क्यूंकि करता हूँ में खुद से भी बहुत प्यार, 
मेरी उम्र तुझे लग जाए, यह नहीं कहूँगा|
तेरी होनी वाली जीवन साथी से,
तुझे मिले अपार प्रेम,
जब कभी तेरे घर आऊँ,
वैसे तो दोस्तों से कम ही मिल पाते हैं,
एक कप चाय पिला दे भाभी बस,
यह ना कहे, “कैसे-कैसे दोस्त आ जाते हैं”?


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I shook hands with and hugged a number of people today. I was in my hometown for holidays and fortunately it coincided with one of my schoolmates wedding. We being family friends were invited to the marriage.

Just a bit of background. I wasn’t all too social guy at school. Didn’t even know the names of many from my class. I can laugh at it today but I was a suck-up to the teachers and evidently not very popular among fellow students. It has been 7 long years since I passed out of school and haven’t had time to catch up with any of my mates barring a few close ones.

Normally I hesitate going up to someone, shaking hands and initiating a talk. The same reason why I don’t consider myself an MBA material. Anyways, today was a day to set things right. I entered the arena just as the Baraat was entering. A bunch of people were dancing. I recognized one of them to be an old pal. I shook hands and hugged. It was not exactly nostalgic but discovering. More so for a person like me, who never took a chance to socialize with people when had time.

Anyways, I met not less than two dozen old mates. Some married, some bachelors and others somewhere in between. I took the lead in going up to people with, “Saath mein padte the yaar, naam yaad nahin aa raha”. Not remembering was a lame excuse; I never really knew the names of many people in the first place. They were mere faces for me. But I was happy and guilt ridden at the same time when most of them replied, “Don’t worry we remember your name, Arpit”.

I stayed till late, chatting, relishing old times. Wish I could have chatted with you guys more. But it was a nice little start. Thank you all for remembering my name when I was so pathetic as to not remember your’s. And above all thanks to my friend whose marriage gave me a chance to meet old pals. Best wishes to him.

The day I cried

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What is the most passionate human emotion? Love, happiness, anger, sadness would be some guess perhaps. Well, not exactly. It would be tears. The singlemost, strong emotion on earth. You feel happy, Tears of joy. You feel sad, Tears of sorrow. You feel angry, unable to control yourself, Tears of madness. You fall in love, Tears of passion. You feel hurt, Tears of pain. You are caught red handed, Tears asking for forgiveness. When someone departs, Tears of loss. When your child excels, Tears of pride. The list is endless. Tears span all emotions.

Let me admit at the onset, I do cry sometimes. Not in public though. After all I have to keep my male ego going.  I have never even imagined myself doing so. Would be a highly embarrassing moment. Or so I thought!

Last time I remember myself crying was when my grandfather died. I was in my hostel room when my sister called me. The tears just flowed, they were spontaneous. But it all got over with no one around.

This time it was an auspicious and public occasion. My sisters wedding. I was busy with arrangements and couldn’t foresee what was to come. It was the Ladies Sangeet function. Few words about this Ladies Sangeet. It is organized as a pre-wed ritual on a grand scale in North. Stage is set up. Professional dance and music troop is called. Everyone from the family is supposed to dance. However good or bad it might be.

I am not a type to dance or sing. So I decided to duck via what I could do. Say a poem. Little did I know that it would prove to be my nemesis. There wasn’t enough time so I jotted down a few lines and added tit-bits from my older writings. Everything seemed fine. I was through with most of the lines. I had just described an incidence from our childhood and there were awes all around.

As I reached the end where I chastised her for deserting us, something happened. I can’t describe it. I tried to resist myself, cautious of being on stage and eyes staring at me. Couldn’t help it. The tears followed. What a Man was I!

I managed to finish the poem just in time to see my crying sister rushing towards me. And the worst part, I was forced to dance too. Here is what I wrote.

“बचपन की एक बात पुरानी,
कुछ सुनो तो कुछ में कहूं कहानी,
मैं बीच रस्ते चेंटा था,
कुछ हठ था भरा कुछ रूठा था,
मुझे था वही खिलौना लेना,
जिस में थे दो तोते और एक मैना|
पैसे थे चार जरूरतें थी दस,
मैं रो रो कर चिंघडाया था,
माँ ने भी थप्पड़ लगाया था,
तभी किसी ने प्यार से थपकाया था,
माँ मुझे कुछ नहीं है लेना,
भैया का बस चुप कर दो रोना|

वैसे भी ऐसा क्या मांगे वो,
बस दो तोते और एक मैना,
बस दो तोते और एक मैना|

आज तू बिदा हो है चली, बाबुल का घर छोड़ के,
बनाने चली तू नए रिश्ते, पुरानों से मुहँ मोड़ के,
कुछ और देर तक रहती तो, मिल बैठ के बातें करते हम,
कुछ बात पुरानी कहता मैं, कुछ गम मिल-जुलकर करते कम,
कुछ और देर तक रहती तो (सिसक-सिसक), मिल बैठ के बातें करते हम,
कुछ बात पुरानी कहता मैं, कुछ गम मिल-जुलकर (सिसक-सिसक)…”

Written by arpitgarg

February 22, 2010 at 1:45 pm

My best friends wedding

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Whenever I attended a wedding and was subjected to a barrage of vintage marriage songs, there was this one song that always caught my attention. It goes like, “Mera yaar bana hai doolha, aur phool khile hain dil ke, meri bhi shaadi ho jaaye dua karo sab milke…” (My friend is the groom, I am happy from my heart; pray that I too get married). Also the traditions like joota churai wherein the brides’ sister steal the shoes of the groom and ask for money (shagun) in return, and the talks about dulhan ki behen and doolhe ka bhai seemed too clichéd and filmy to me.

I mean why would a guy wish to get married only while attending his mates wedding? There are 365 days round the year when you could wish so. Why the same day? Why not just go along, enjoy the marriage and not try to steal your mates thunder. Joota churai too seemed funny and just filler to me.

I tell you what, I was totally wrong. No shame admitting it. Until you attend your best friends wedding; you can’t understand the feeling behind the said song. It comes from within. I am telling you coz last week I attended my best friends wedding and believe you me the lyrics of the song felt closer to me than ever before. While he was riding the horse with people dancing around, the nauchawar, the varmala, the feras and the vows, I could feel the sweet urge to get married too. The atmosphere is such that it’s difficult to abstain from such a phenomenon.

The joota churai which seemed childish to me matured that day. I found myself, hiding grooms shoes away from the reach of brides’ sisters and letting them have the shoes only after making them accede that they lost. Those were such wonderful scenes that I blush and smile simultaneously as I write. They are playing right in front of me.

About the dulhan ki behen and doolhe ka bhai. It’s a tradition to have a sort of nok-jhok among the two. Subtle flirtations included if they both are young, unmarried and of the same age. All in good spirit though. (All this time I keep going back to the old movies and how true they seem to me today.) Since groom had a married older brother, it was left to us (friends) to take over the baton of younger brother. Though I am not of the flirtatious kind I felt all game for such a nok-jhok. Sadly, the bore as I am, I couldn’t go the length. But still it was all fun.

Marriages are always nice and now that I can only attend them once in a blue moon owing to staying away from home, I tend to enjoy the ones I attend as much as I can. Finally just one request, “Meri bhi shaadi ho jaaye dua karo sab milke”.

Munna ki Shaadi

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Everyone has some childhood memory which tend to bring smiles. For me it would be “childhood rhymes”. One which I sang the most, enjoyed the most is the, “Munna ki Shaadi”. Try singing it fast, would enjoy better. Also if you can couple it with claps, pleasure would be supreme.

Written by arpitgarg

September 24, 2008 at 2:31 pm

इस शाम की सुबह नहीं

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जाने कितने बसंत भये,
कितने जुग पहले बे थे गए,
अब तो अश्रु भी सूख गए,
सुहाने दिन भी अलोप हुए।

मेरे यौवन का रस था पीया,
रब ने दोनों को एक किया,
एक रात का था वो मस्त मिलन,
बिछड़े आज मोसे मोरे सजन।

फ़ौज से संदेसा आया था,
धरती माता ने बुलाया था,
गोरी को बचन दे कि लौटूंगा कल,
सुख चैन ले गया वो हर पल।

माटी के लिए उसने प्राण दिए,
अपने ही आंसू सांवरी ने पिये,
एक घोर अँधेरी रात हुई,
सूरज को जैसे ग्रहण लगा।

हर आहट पर, हर चौखट पर,
बस एक सवाल ही पूछे वो,
कि कौनसी गलती मोसे भई,
जो बिरह में मैं तड़प रही।

एकटकी लगाये चौखट पर देख रही उस पार,
कि आ जाएँ शायद मोरे सरकार,
छोड़ दे आस ओ पगली,
इस शाम की कोई सुबह नहीं।

अरे उधर यह क्या था हुआ,
यह किसको गरम कढ़ाई में डुबोकर के मार दिया,
कौन थी वो जिसके मुहं में,
एक चावल के दाने ने,
विष का सा था उत्पात किया।

हाय रे जन्म दाता,
क्यों तू ये नहीं समझ पाता,
कि देवी का रूप था वो जिसका,
अभी तूने संहार किया।

माँ के गर्भ से पूछे कन्या,
कि क्या मैं जन्म ले पाऊँगी,
गर जन्म भी मुझको दे दिया,
क्या मैं जीवित रह पाऊँगी,
गर जीवित जो मैं रह गयी,
अपने हक़ को क्या पा पाऊँगी।

इन मर्म स्पर्शी सवालों का,
मेरे पास कोई जवाब नहीं,
पर कोई तो हो कि जिसको,
इनके उत्तर मालूम सही।

क्या कन्या होना पाप है,
या यह कोई अभिशाप है,
अरे यही तो जननी है,
यह जीवन देने वाली है,
इसी के रूप में सीता है,
इसी के रूप में काली है।

ओ नीचे करम करने वालों,
मानवता को डसने वालों,
क्या कभी तुमने यह सोचा है,
जिस माँ ने तुमको जन्म दिया,
उस माँ में भी तो सीता है।

वह माँ भी तो एक कन्या थी,
गर उसका जन्म नहीं होता,
तो तेरी क्या होती पहचान,
मत दिखा तू अपनी झूठी शान।

उत्तराधिकारी के लोभ में,
मत हो जा तू इतना अँधा,
छोड़ दे ये गोरखधंधा,
लेने दे मुझको भी सांस,
बस यही लगाये है वो आस,
आस छोड़ दे ओ नादान,
इस शाम की कोई सुबह नहीं।

कौन हैं वो बुड्ढे बुढ़िया,
जो चौखट पर ही बैठे हैं,
जिस तक़दीर पर था इनको गर्व,
उसी तक़दीर से चैंटे हैं।

कोई नहीं है इनके पास,
जिंदा हैं बस ले लेकर सांस,
बुढ़िया चूल्हा जलाती है,
बुड्ढा खांसे जाता है।

जिसे लाड प्यार से बड़ा किया,
जिसपर जीवन न्योछार दिया,
वो लाल ही अपना नहीं हुआ,
तो परायों की क्या बात करें।

शादी नहीं वो बर्बादी लगी,
जिस माँ से पहले कोई नहीं,
वो बीवी के बाद आने लगी।

माँ बाप का प्यार न रोक सका,
उसको खर्चे बढ़ते दिखने लगे,
बुड्ढे के पान अखरने लगे,
कलह के फल दिखे पके पके।

जिसकी लोरी में सोया था,
उस माँ की खांसी खटकती है,
जिसके कंधो पर बैठा था,
उसका बोझ आज भारी है।

जिसकी ऊँगली से चला था,
उसका ही हाथ झटक दिया,
टूट गया आज एक क्रम,
झुक गए सारे नैन.
न उसको आई कोई शर्म,
क्यों मिला ह्रदय को चैन।

जीवन में धुंध सी छायी है,
सूरज की किरण शरमाई है,
क्या यही वो प्यारा लाल था,
जिसके लिए कंगाल हुए।

पर फिर भी बूढा सोचे है,
कि नाती कभी तो आएगा,
बेटे-बहू को लाएगा,
जो बेटा अपना सबकुछ था,
वो आखिर कबतक रुलाएगा।

न सोचो तुम ज्यादा कंगालों,
सो जाओ आंसू पी पीकर,
इस शाम की कोई सुबह नहीं।

कहीं दूर कोई और दिखा,
कमल खिला पर मसला हुआ,
कोमल कोमल सी पंखुड़ियाँ,
मुरझाई औ सकुचाई हुई।

४ साल की नन्ही उमर में,
उसका था विवाह हुआ,
१२ साल ही हुई न वो,
कि उसका संसार ही उजड़ गया।

समझ ना आया उसको कि,
रंगीन चूड़ी के समय में,
सफ़ेद कफ़न सी साडी दे,
क्यों उसको दुनिया से दूर किया।

सास ससुर के तानों को,
अपनी छाती पर सहती है,
अपनी किस्मत पे विचार कर,
वो रो रो कर यह कहती है।

कि जीवन में हँसी कब आएगी,
कब फिर हँस गा वो पाएगी,
क्या समाज उसको सजने देगा,
क्या उसको भी कोई और मिलेगा।

जो उसके जीवन को रंग देगा,
अपने ही प्रेम के रंगों में,
क्या वो सखियों संग,
मस्ती के रस पी पाएगी,
या ऐसे ही रोते रोते यह,
जिंदगी पूरी गुजर जायेगी।

सूर्य सी वो दमकती थी,
कोमल काया उसकी चमकती थी,
पर आज अंधकार ने लील लिया,
शनि ने उसकी खुशियां को पिया।

कभी मंदिर में घंटा बजा,
पूछे क्यों तूने दी है सजा,
फिर भी एक आस लगाये हुए,
सपनों को है सजाये हुए।

मत सपने सजा इतने बावरी,
इस शाम की कोई सुबह नहीं।

Written by arpitgarg

January 15, 2008 at 11:46 am

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