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आज भी याद है मुझे वो दुपट्टा तेरा,
सुनहरा था रंग, दिल गया था मेरा,
उस पर से झबरे से तेरे बाल हाय,
क़त्ल होना ही बस बाकी था बचा|

बचपना तेरा, हर बात पे हठ करना,
जाने कब तेरी बातें अच्छी लगने लगीं,
जाने कब मुलाकातें सच्ची लगने लगीं,
क़त्ल होना ही बस बाकी था बचा|

आँखें तेरी, पल्कें झुकना औचक,
तीर सा मेरे सीने में आके लग जाना,
बिन काजल भी तू थी मृगनयनी,
क़त्ल होना ही बस बाकी था बचा|

साँसों का साँसों से टकराना उफ्फ,
याद है मुझे नशे सा, न भूल सका में.
आह और चाह का सफर दूभर,
क़त्ल होना ही बस बाकी था बचा|

छमक छमक चलना माशाअल्लाह,
और मिलना बचके नज़रों से सबकी,
वो चेहरे पे मुस्कान से आती सिलवट,
क़त्ल होना ही बस बाकी था बचा|

न जाने क्यों किस्मत रूठी सी थी,
न जाने क्यों हिम्मत छोटी सी थी,
जो हाथ छोड़ा, और तन्हाई ओड़ा,
क़त्ल होना ही बस बाकी था बचा|


Written by arpitgarg

January 12, 2018 at 6:48 am

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Can I?

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Strange feeling engulfs,
Highs low, more lulls,
Someone come find me,
Am feeling lost, am I?

Pinch me, no pain,
All waste, no gain,
Reasons pretty plain,
Can’t understand, but why?

Tried to speak, silence,
Calmness needed, violence,
How to aim, distance,
Tried not, should cry?

Paining feet,
No truth, cheat,
Race to beat,
Running away, fly?

Thoughts stopped,
Ideas flopped,
Flows clogged,
Rivers dry.

No end in sight,
Gloom ponders, light,
Where has gone might,
One last fight, try?

Hands covering face,
Hop Hop, no pace,
Up the sleeve ace,
Frantic search, can I?

Junglee Billi

Written by arpitgarg

December 14, 2013 at 3:55 am

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Where’s my Cell Phone?

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This Monday I woke up on time. No problem with that, my alarm clock(s) takes care of it. Got dressed, checked my pockets as usual. ID card: Yes, Keys: Yes, Wallet: Yes. Okay, all set to go to the office. All seemed well but something was amiss, there was this inner feeling. “Its nothing”, I told myself. Let’s go. All through the way to office, I had this feeling that I was missing something, something crucial.

It was only when I reached the office and checked the time that the realization struck me. “Oh! God, I forgot my cell phone”. A lot of us would agree that despite us purchasing and using the cell phone, in reality it’s we who have become the salve of it. It’s my watch, I need to exchange messages now and then, I need to exchange missed calls, and I need to check mails. In short I need my cell phone more than anything.

Let’s discuss what happens when I forget my cell. I can’t check messages, I can’t check calls. There is always that feeling, who would have called? Could it be something important? It was not as if life couldn’t go on without cell phone, it’s just that it has become an important part of our life. It can be understood as the extension of our body which helps us connect via telepathy. It’s the same, if not equal to it. The feeling when I forget my cell phone can’t be explained in words. It has to be felt to understand. I love you, my cell phone. I love you so very much.

Written by arpitgarg

December 19, 2008 at 10:01 am

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