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Real reason for decline of AAP

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When Aam Aadmi party (AAP) rose to power in Delhi, it was through sheer hard work. Youngsters all across the country marched to Delhi to realize a collective dream. How many times in life have they wanted to overthrow the corrupt in power! When the opportunity presented itself, it was lapped up. A mass movement resulted in a landmark political event.

AAP was just a bunch of common man like us. One who wears his emotions on his sleeve; who wants change today rather than tomorrow; who regales in revolution; who is fed up of years of exploitation.

AAP touched issues that were not prime-time before. They were known to all but no one dared speak. Issues which affected rulers and opposition alike; issues which hit the source of funds in politics. Be it Ambani, be it Gadkari, be it Vadra or be it Khurshid. No one was left unabashed. We regaled. Common man had finally found his voice. Rise and acceptance of AAP showed why masses like vigilantes and why classes hate them.

However, people who spoke of and supported them passionately are decreasing. If my tea-time conversations are any proof, the trend is alarming. AAP has undergone a sea change. With various committees, sub–committees, spokespersons, media managers and the entourage, it has relegated itself to be a clone of other parties. It is raising issues no different than say Congress, SP or BSP.

What is hurting it the most is the erosion of working class base. It was not just a vote bank; it was a passionate support structure. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Kejriwal’s resignation is the cause. In fact his popularity had only increased then.

It all began with Kejriwal taking on Modi, AAP bashing BJP. It was the Lok Sabha campaign that did it in. It found itself in the same boat as Congress and bore the brunt of acquired anti-incumbency. Had AAP not bashed Modi, it would still have lost the elections, but would not have lost respect. Speaking against Modi was not the voice of common man.

What it failed to realize was that its supporters were just a subset of Modi followers. Kejriwal was just beginning while Modi had a track record of performance. It’s sad to see AAP still doing the same on TV debates. To stand out from the herd of opposition, it has to act differently. Modi is bound to goof-up sooner or later. You will have your chance. Till then find another target.

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September 3, 2014 at 1:55 pm

How to ease the tension?

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Oxford dictionary describes tension to be a mental or emotional strain. To cope with it, we all do some weird things. Some eat a lot. Some starve themselves. Some want to be left alone. Some like to party. Some smoke. Some drink. Some sleep. Some fall prey to insomnia. Guess some things are aberrant to cause and effect.

As for me, I stuff myself with food when tense. I am no medical expert but my guess is that more oxygen is needed to digest the excess food gobbled up. This extra demand of oxygen must for sure be met by diverting some blood flow from my darn brain to the belly. This might be shutting of some brain activity and helping me overcome tense thoughts. I would opt for a dead brain any day, but that’s me!

When food can’t be ordered say at the dead of the night, I opt for the next best option. Start typing whatever gibberish comes to my mind. It’s around 1:30 in the night now. All junk food is finished and I don’t have anything else but to write. Funny I can’t pinpoint the reason why I am tense. This further adds to uneasiness.

Anxiety is the exactly what I have right now. In fact for the last couple of weeks my mind has not been at peace exactly. How would I love the day when I be Joey and my brain will read blank…blank…blank…blank…blank. Void of all thoughts; bereft of any tension, if at all momentary. Alas! It’s not to be.

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April 20, 2011 at 2:20 am

Cult Movies: Down the memory lane

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Cult movies is an altogether different phenomenon. Once in a while there comes a movie which is followed widely across the college campuses. You could see everyone humming the songs, enacting the dialogues and discussing it all over. They are not bound by the movie being a hit or a flop, good or bad. They are there on the merit of clicking with the youngistan, so to say. During my college days I came across a number of such cult movies, which were watched repeatedly, each time with as much excitement.

1. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein: It was released during my school days. I remember everyone going, “Maddy..Maddy” The tiffs between Saif and Madhavan were legendary. The ever cute Reena Malhotra and the innocent and lovable Madhav Shastri were a treat to watch. When the car stopped in the middle of the night and Madhavan tried to explain to Dia, what was really on his mind. Superb. I came to know more about its cult status when I came to college. Regardless of it not being a hit, it was loved by one and all. At least across the colleges.

2. Haasil: Another of such movie which made a huge impact on an entire generation. One which made Irfan Khan a household name when he went like, “Kya Bhaiyya…pehchante ho na humein?” It went on to become a dialogue which replaced the hi’s n hello’s The arrogance of Ranvijay Singh, the politics of Gauri Shanker and the innocence of Aniruddha. A Gem. I don’t remember how many times have I watched this movie with my friends. What I remember is lip-synching each and every dialogue, having learned it by heart. “Vaayu ko ulta karte ho to kya banta hai? Yuva”, “Bolo Jai Bharat” and million of such superb dialogues is what made Haasil. A realistic account of college politics which struck the cord with the college Junta.

3. Gunda: This movie followed the theory that number line is circular, – and + do meet, just as -1 and +1 meet at 0. This movie was so bad that it became a favorite of millions. Every dialogue was like a short poetry and Kanti Shah knew how to make them lewd. “Mera naam hai bulla, main rakhta hoon kullaaa”, became an introductory dialogue. There were blog sites dedicated to Gunda. There were discussions as to the sequence of various scenes in the movie. The blogs that were initially started as satire helped in propelling the movie to the cult status. Did Shankar worked as a Coolie at the airport still remains one of the very many unanswered questions. There was even a bid to make it the highest ranked movie on imdb. It still has a respectable 8.4 rating despite an effort of sabotage. Thanks to the Gunda fans.

4. Dev. D: This recent take on Devdas, is what made me write this article. Will it become a cult movie? Now that I am no longer in college, I would never really know. But it seems to have all the ingredients. First of all the songs are bound to become the theme of every daaru party. The dialogues are superb too. “Jaa ke chad apne buddhe pe”, “Tumhein tumhari aukaat bata rahi hoon” and other such dialogues would easily find their place in the life of college going junta. Also there is no dearth of Dev’s and Paro’s. Going by the superb story, acting and direction, I have no doubt that it would be the next cult movie. I so miss to be in college right now!

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February 19, 2009 at 8:18 am


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You wake up in the morning expecting a fresh new day. Bright sunlight, marking the end of the past and a new path to the future. “Something doesn’t feel right”, you think. The head feels heavier than before followed by a flash of head ache. The nausea and the semi-vomit stage follows. You try to get the things into perspective. Where am I? Home, great! Where was I last night? Oh! Yes, I was dancing in the pub with friends. She dance real well…hmmm… A smile flashes across your face. Then the tough one! How did I get back home? No matter how hard you try, the answer doesn’t seem coming. The head spins faster. You rush to drink water. Had better done that last night after the party. Where is the lemon? Get me a Disprin. Let me try vomiting. How happy was I last night, dancing, partying, fooling around. Hangovers are really bad!

Written by arpitgarg

January 27, 2009 at 9:19 am

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