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तेज बारिश के साथ उस रात तूफ़ान भी जोरों पे था| एक तो बारिश से पूरा बदन भीग चूका था ऊपर से हवा के कारण कुद्कुड़ी बंधे जा रही थी| “मुझे भी आज ही छतरी घर भूल के आनी थी|”, वो बडबडा हुआ जा रहा था| अपने दिल को ही बहला रहा था वो| छतरी जार जार हो घर के किसी कोने में पड़ी थी| “अगली तनख्वाह से पहले एक रेनकोट खरीदूंगा|” मुंबई की बारिश से बचना आसान नहीं होता| उसने कुछ सोचा और जल्दी-जल्दी कदम बढ़ाने लगा| कल से सब ठीक हो जाएगा, कल से|

वो रात को फैक्ट्री से ओवर-टाइम करके लौट रहा था| चार बच्चों की परवरिश आसान नहीं होती| बीवी फिर पेट से थी| इस बार लड़का हो जाए, तो गंगा नहाऊँगा| पिछले ५ साल यही सोच रहा था वो| इस बार लड़का नहीं हुआ तो दूसरी शादी पक्की| माँ नें बुथिया की लड़की देख रखी थी| लंगड़ी है वो, पर वारिस तो दे ही देगी| न तो पहली बीवी दहेज़ लायी थी, न वारिस ही दे पायी है। उफ़ ये बारिश भी रुकने का नाम ही नहीं लेती।

सोचते सोचते कब सड़क पर से ध्यान हटा पता ही चला। बस एक रौशनी सी दिखी और उसके बाद अंधकार छा गया। जब आँखें खुली तो कुछ अजीब सा लगा। कौन सी जगह थी यह? सर भी भारी सा था। “होश आ गया, होश आ गया“, कुछ चहल कदमी सी होने लगी। पास में बैठी औरत रोने लगी। मैं २ साल से कोमा में था।

सबने उम्मीद छोड़ दी थी। नहीं छोड़ी थी तो बस इस पागल औरत और मेरी ४ नन्ही परियों ने। वही जिसको मैं छोड़ने कि सोच रहा था, २ साल पहले उस काली रात में। वही जिनके पैदा होने कि मुझे कभी ख़ुशी न हुई थी। २ साल से मेरी सेवा कर रही हैं। आज मैं जीवित हूँ सिर्फ इनकी वजह से।

यही मेरी धरोहर हैं, यही मेरी वारिस हैं।

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December 14, 2013 at 4:19 am

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Dumb and Beautiful

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Disclaimer: Below article is written just for humor. It relates to no factual basis. Writer has utmost love for all the women.

“You all IIT guys are the same. You just want a wife who is beautiful and dumb”, snapped a lady friend. None of the guys there tried to contradict her. We just chuckled, coz she was so bang on!

In fact all guys are same in this regard. At least pathetic guys like me (which are all of us). But don’t women too have certain type-casted guidelines when it comes to men; Rich and Smart. I haven’t found a single girl who wishes to marry and dumb and poor guy.

It’s just animal tendency borne out of evolution. Even animals have certain guidelines for their mates. I think beautiful comes out of attractiveness which in turn would make you mate more resulting in more kids. Darwin at work! Dumb relates to fewer arguments in marital life and in turn, a peaceful and long life.

I take it as a compliment that I am smart enough to understand the importance of dumbness and beauty. But as they say too much of everything leads to diabetes. So is the case here. Too much beauty requires high maintenance. Too much dumb leads to un-compatibility coz of total lack of understanding.

I think the mix of beauty and dumbness that one can handle varies from person to person. That’s what we should look for in a girl. How much beauty/dumb mix can we handle. Every guy has his own measure. Hence every guy has his own match!

Written by arpitgarg

December 3, 2013 at 12:19 pm

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Cardinal Sin and The Twisted Ankle

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After a tiring day in Kolkata, me and a friend of mine decided to catch the late night show of Once upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara. We enquired about a theatre near our hotel and caught a ride.

I was standing in the ticket queue when something caught my eye. I don’t really know what it was, Was it the Smile, Was it the Innocence, Was it the Eyes, Was it the Dress. I just kept looking unaware of the world. There was this girl in green, with the Smile that puts Mona Lisa to shame, with the Innocence that defies this world, with the Eyes that penetrates the heart. It took me a while to realize she was with a guy and took a while more to realize that she was recently married, given the prominent Mehandi on her hands.

She was ahead of me in the queue, I bought the tickets and went inside. I lined up to buy some popcorn and there she was again, in the same queue. I was struggling hard not to gaze at her, given the consequences that could result in. The movie ended sometime later. I caught a glimpse of her during the interval. She was not just with her husband, but with full family.

Show got over at around 2 in the night. I strolled to the exit. There she was with her family. Perhaps my last chance to look at her. My friend had stopped a taxi and called out to me. I walked towards the taxi but kept looking sideways gazing her.

Just then I felt a jolt and fell down with an excruciating pain. I hadn’t noticed that I was crossing over from high footpath on to a low road. I had mis-stepped and badly twisted my ankle. I saw her getting into a car and fading away. For moment the pain stopped along with the time. As she went away the pain came back and I could see my friend bent over laughing.

If she was Eve, I just paid my dues for the Cardinal sin of Lust.

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August 19, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Friendship, Love and Beyond

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We all know the importance of friends in our lives. I won’t go into that. How friendship is affected by love is what I want to capture here. Can “a girl and a boy” be just good friends? This theme has been done to death in Hindi movies. More often than not, friends end up being lovers. Let’s explore.

The friendship of a male and female during college is quite different from that of work life. How? During college we hang out in groups. Hostellers have no life beyond college and friends. They become family. If feelings develop, it’s fine. But most of times, love does not develop, and friendship remains. Coz its family. Beyond the college, during the work life, we make new friends at office and outside. However we are in the college mindset. This is where the problem starts.

Most of the college love stories end with college itself. People go on to take jobs in different cities and that is where the romance stops. But with work life, it’s a new start altogether. People want to settle down and are looking for commitments. More often than not, love comes in between friendship, and if it is one sided, the friendship goes for a toss. It becomes uncomfortable, especially for the one who had feelings.

Let me relate a point. It might sound crude but is very practical. In India, girls who talk comfortably and openly with guys are very less. Look around your office for evidence. It is true for guys also. Such is the society in which we have grown up.

At office when a girl and guy become friends, they are seen talking together a lot, rumor mills start working. “Bhai, yeh ladki toh us ladke ki setting hai. Maine dekha hai dono ko kai baar saath”. They are assumed to be having an affair by the kill-time junta. The guy will try and react to rumors as if they are true, that’s how Dog we men are! We like to be stud. Now if the girl falls in love with someone in the same office. What happens to the friendship?

The friend-guy now becomes the ex in the eyes of the same junta. “Bhai, us ladki ne ladke ko laat maar di. Woh kisi aur ke saath ghoom rahi hai aajkal”. The guy now tries to justify that they are just friends; he had no feelings. But given his silent validation earlier, he becomes a laughing matter. He stops interacting with the girl suddenly under various pretexts. Also since they have spent so much time together, there is a feeble feeling somewhere deep down, which does not let him see her in love with someone else.

This now takes me to the movie, “Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam”. Madhuri’s friendship with Salman creates unrest in Shahrukh’s mind to the extent of breaking up their marriage. This is also true in real life. Ditto is the reason why guys can’t stand their girlfriend/wife in contact with her ex. Guys are possessive. Period! It’s not as if they doubt the commitment/character. Had it been the case, the relationship would have ended then and there. No. It’s just that guys are possessive about their girl.

Girls can go/shop/spend with her female friends; she can set the house on fire with her silliness; she can do all sorts of unreasonable things, and the guy will laugh it off. But the idea of another guy having even a bit of importance in her life, he will not be able to deal with it.

Depending on the level of love and level of maturity, the guy might relay his feelings to her and talk it out OR fight when he loves her too much to leave her but also is angry with her OR if love is not so strong, move away.

Girl may demand millions of things from his hubby. He will try and fulfill each and everything happily. Guys just demand one thing; Girl should have no place for any other guy at physical or emotional level in her life.

Courtesy: A Mad Kitten

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January 25, 2012 at 11:43 pm

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Midnight Sketches: Imitation

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Written by arpitgarg

June 22, 2011 at 10:46 am


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बात है उस दिन की, पैदा हुआ था मैं,
सफ़ेद लिबास में पुचकार रही थी वो,
उम्र न देखी, वक़्त न देखा, बस ली फिर्की,
नर्स को ही देखकर हो गया मैं ठर्की|

नर्सरी क्लास का है किस्सा यह,
आगे की कुर्सी पे बैठी थी वो,
खींच दी आहिस्ता से चोटी उसकी,
उसकी नन्ही जुल्फों में उलझा ये ठर्की|

चौथी कक्षा की टीचर जी,
हर बच्चा उन पे मरता था,
कितनों से लड़ा, कितनी तोड़ी बत्तीसी,
ब्लैक बोर्ड की लिखाई ने कर दिया ठर्की|

स्कूल के मास्टर की कोचिंग जाता था,
कुछ अपनापन था वहां, दिल को भाता था,
नंबर अब जो भी दे वो, बेटी भा गयी मास्टर की,
फेल और पास क्या जाने, यह मन तो है ठर्की|

बचपन का दोस्त था जो, एक दिन बोला वो,
नीले दुपट्टे में आई है जो, दिल ले गयी मेरा,
कहने को भाभी होनी थी, पर मर्जी इश्वर की,
समझा लूँगा दोस्त को मैं, न समझे ये दिल ठर्की|

कम्पटीशन का पेपर देने बैठा था, आर या पार,
दो सीट आगे बैठी थी, दिल हुआ बेकरार,
सलेक्श हो जाएगा अगले साल सही,
आज जी भर के देखूं उसको, हो कर ठर्की|

ऑफिस में तो सुधर जा अब, सीधा बन,
शिकायत करेगी, जायेगी नौकरी, होगी कुर्की,
जान दे, दूसरी मिल ही जायेगी नौकरी तो,
आज रोका तो बुरा मान जाएगा दिल ठर्की|

बचपन में सीखा था मैंने,
कैसा भूल गया यह ज्ञान,
अब ना भूलूंगा जीवन भर,
हर दिन जाप करूंगा, जी कर, मर कर|

इश्क में पड़ेगा तो जान से जाएगा,
ऐसा घुसेगा, पानी नहीं पायेगा,
जूतों से पिटवाएगी यह लड़की,
नज़र रख सीधी, मत बन ठर्की||

The Sex called Fairer

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Have you ever wondered why females are called the fairer sex? What is the origin and meaning of the word fairer here? I have always wondered but given the attraction towards women, I never had any problem in calling them fairer. Never had inkling to doubt it for a second, lest I should earn their wrath. Well that’s fine for me given that I once surrendered the whole of Arunachal Pradesh to a Chinese girl. But I know you sons of the soil would not sit still, till you have un-earthed the reason. So here’s it for you.

There are numerous explanations floating around, given that the phrase is quite old and with time people tend to make their own theories.

First Men found women more attractive as compared to other men. They were more pleasant to look at. Fairer here was used as a tool for flattery. The croaking of the frogs! Simply put, women are prettier than men. I agree.

Second Wealthy European women used to remain indoors, avoid sun and thus remained pale. Their skin color was of a light hue and not dark. The fair color, over the working females, showed their wealth and prosperity.

Third It is a sexist term. With the division of sexes between male and female, various properties came to be associated with each. When men were considered “the better” and “the sterner” sex; women were “the fairer”, “the gentler” and “the softener” sex. Thus fairer differentiated women from hard-working, rugged, tough, dirty, hairy men.

Given this explanation it’s rather surprising how the sexist words of the old have found respectable places into our modern and rather tolerant society. There’s a contention here too. According to a research, women were far more involved in the atrocities committed during the Holocaust than previously thought. A doubt has been raised about them being really fair.

Fourth There’s an interesting anthropological angle to this. Girls are fairer haired after puberty than boys, hence the usage. Though I am not too sure about it personally.

Fifth Girls are better than men in taking ethical decisions given that they are “fairer” in their choices. Well, I will let the readers decide on this one!


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इस पत्र के पटल पर दिल की इबारत है लिखी,
इसी को मेरा प्रेम पत्र समझना तुम सखी|

दो-चार बार जो तुम मुझसे मिली,
दिल के आँगन में कली नई खिली।

नोट्स के बहाने हुए पहली मुलाक़ात,
उसी पल हमने अपना दिल दिया तुम्हारे हाथ।

चांदी के सिक्कों सा तेरा तन,
तेरी खिलखिलाहट और यह चंचल मन।

मेरे इशारों को तू न समझ पायी,
या मेरे खुदा तेरी दुहाई।

दिल की बात कहने की कच्ची है उमर,
पर जब भी कहूँगा तुझे ही कहूँगा ऐ जानेजिगर बन मेरी हमसफ़र।

इस दिल के बहकाने पर न चलूँगा मैं,
प्यार की कसौटी पर खुद को परखूँगा मैं।

हाय हैलो का यह प्रेम नहीं है,
इससे आगे भी न बढ़ सका यह भी सही है।

जब मैं बन जाऊंगा इस काबिल,
कि सकूँगा तेरा हाथ थाम, तभी समझूंगा तुझे अपनी रंगीन शाम।

बस तब तक मेरा इंतज़ार करना,
वरना …

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March 28, 2008 at 11:23 am

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